Saeed Mubarak Al Mazroui Image Credit: Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News

Dubai: Beit Al Khair Society (BAKS) aims to reach out to over 45,000 financially needy families in the UAE this year, a senior official told Gulf News in an exclusive interview.

To mark the Year of Zayed, the charity will select families — both Emiratis and expats — who are need of support in funding their children’s education, outstanding rent payments, and paying for health care treatments.

The charity’s aim is to focus on increasing happiness levels among both citizens and residents living in the country, Saeed Mubaral Al Mazroui, Deputy General Manager of Beit Al Khair told Gulf News.

“We have many plans for the Year of Zayed, but we are focusing on approaching families who have problems that need to be solved. We want to ensure that people are happy — this is something that the late Shaikh Zayed [Bin Sultan Al Nahyan] has left us with,” said Al Mazroui.

He pointed out that with over 45,000 families already registered for 2018, the charity aims to help 4,500 families besides handling 500 emergency cases a month.

Emiratis who are eligible for financial aid are required to present their ID, passport copy, and family book, while expats are required to present their ID, passport copy, and valid residency visa to Beit Al Khair.

“We are helping both Emiratis and our brothers [expats] who are living in the UAE — especially those who come from areas that are having issues such as Libya, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Many of these families are under a lot of pressure as they have relatives back in their home countries who also need help,” explained Al Mazroui.

76,450Families received aid worth Dh203.17m from Beit Al Khair Society in 2017

He pointed out that each case is studied by Beit Al Khair before being approved, with valid documents such as Emirates ID and visa being necessary for eligibility.

The charity is also aiding orphans and widows with a monthly payment of Dh500 each as additional financial support to that given by the UAE government to cover expenses such as education, pocket money and others. “Shaikh Zayed might be gone, but he has left us with values and his way of life. He focused on education and pushed the people to join schools and pursue their education, and even started an army school,” said Al Mazroui.

2017 projects

Beit Al Khair helped out a total of 76,450 families in 2017, with aid amounting to Dh203,179,633.

Seasonal charity projects including Eid gifts, Zakat Al Fitr, Ramadan food, clothing project, iftar meals, Eid sacrifice, and stationary, amounted to a total of Dh68,848,068.

Promoting the value of social responsibility, the charity works in collaboration with private and public entities, including the Centre of Al Maktoum Foundation.

Some of the projects completed in 2017, include the distribution of food received from the UAE food bank, assisting low-income families complete the construction of their houses, and supporting several health and development drives.

Beit Al Khair society was also awarded with the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Award for Best Charity Performance in the Arab World in 2017. The charity ranked at the top of the best performing charitable associations in the Arab world, and was honoured in a ceremony in Rabat, Morocco.

The charity has four branches in the UAE located in Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Ajman.

Beit Al Khair’s initiatives in 2017

Collaborated with private and public entities, and distributed surplus of food received from the UAE Food Bank.

Collaborated with the Emirates Islamic Bank, and distributed 45,000 free meals to low-income workers, and sponsored expatriate orphans of Emirati mothers.

Collaborated with charity associations nationwide, the department of Islamic affairs and charitable activities, and Mohammad Bin Rashid housing establishment and assisted low-income families complete the construction of their houses

Collaborated with the Relief Fund and prison departments in the emirates of Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain, and released 28 Emirati inmates after paying out their outstanding debts of Dh8.40 million

Collaborated with Zahra Hospital in carrying out 12 obesity operations

Collaborated with four charity entities and the Dubai Health Authority to supported the Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Dialysis Centre, worth Dh40 million in Al Twar.

Supported families develop and market their products at the ‘Matjari’ virtual platform initiated by the General Women’s Union in Abu Dhabi