Chef Monserrato Marini enjoying some pasta at the Galliard Dubai Image Credit: Supplied by Galliard Dubai

Dubai One of Downtown Dubai’s hottest and most loved restaurants, The Galliard, has just introduced a brand new menu designed by their brand new chef Monserrato Marini.

The kitchen will be run and food created by the Italian chef, who added very special new dishes to the menu including Beef Carpaccio with truffle, Mozzerella Milanese, Wagyu Tantuni and so much more. He spent the last few months working and creating a variety of exclusive dishes, just for his new role at the Galliard Dubai.

Born in Sardinia, Italy, Chef Marini is recognized for his culinary intuition and creativity, so those dining at the Galliard will experience Marini’s exquisite dishes brought to life in the gorgeous setting.

Guests are invited to enjoy a Mediterranean fusion of Turkish and Italian dishes with a heavy focus on simplicity and great fresh flavour.

Top dishes include the Artichoke and Avocado Salad topped with shaved parmigiana cheese, the Raw Seafood Platter as appetizers. The mains include delicious Pappardelle with Truffle and Veal Ragu and the Lobster Spaghetti .

Image Credit: Supplied

The must tries for dessert are the Turkish Coffee Tiramisu, the Turkish Yoghurt ice cream with baklava and the soft Pistachio Ice Cream drizzled with olive oil.

Olive oil pistachio
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Renowned in Istanbul for its indulgent, artfully prepared contemporary Turkish-Mediterranean cuisine, the Dubai venue draws inspiration from Italian, and French food, located in a breathtaking venue at the Address Downtown Dubai.

The Mediterranean concept also includes various facets such as a bustling open kitchen; an extensive grapes cellar, a sophisticated cocktail bar and an open-air terrace that boasts a massive shisha collection, which is created and built right on your table, by their in-house shisha expert. The venue also has up-close and stunning views of the iconic Burj Khalifa. The Galliard is Dubai’s most unique hotspot and brings surprises by way of dancing waiters, flamboyant service, live entertainment and much more which will cater for foodies, party-goers and jet-setters alike.