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Jayasurya carries this poignant tale of an unsung hero on his shoulders — a tribute to late VP Satyan

Captain is the story of a man who loved football beyond himself — so intense was his love for the game, that unheeding his coach’s advice, VP Satyan of Kerala Police continued playing in a match despite an injured foot. And, dismissing the agony of his foot, Satyan brought glory to Kerala with the Santosh Trophy — a cup that had been eluding the state for the past nineteen years.

Journalist-turned-director Prajesh Sen scores a goal on his maiden attempt with this film.

Captain is told in a non-linear narration. Sen takes viewers back and forth through Satyan’s life. Beginning with a match in 1999 in Kathmandu, where Satyan missed a penalty shot, Sen brings us back to Pallavaram station in Chennai where Satyan met his end on the railway tracks. The outstanding football player who led India nine times became a depressed man when unable to play football — his first love as he claimed always to wife Anitha.

Satyan grew up in Kannur where he found his first love — he picked up a pair of discarded shoes to play football. An injury during his childhood days never healed, accompanying him through life. From a much-feared key player in the local clubs, Satyan’s rise in the football arena is laid out.

Captain is also the story of Anitha, Satyan’s wife. She never wanted to marry a football player and disliked policemen, too. After declining his proposal initially, Anitha finds love in Satyan and the devoted wife quits her engineering studies to support his passion for football.

Jayasurya throws himself completely into the role and in the gifted actor’s hands. Anu Sithara as Anitha is pitch perfect, complementing Jayasurya’s performance.

Mention must also be made of the good performance by the supporting actors; Siddique as a crazy football lover and Satyan’s well-wisher, Renji Panicker as Satyan’s coach, Janardhanan as the Chief Minister whose encouragement went a long way for Satyan, and Saiju Kurup as the arrogant senior police officer who humiliates Satyan.


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Captain releases in the UAE on March 1.