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Vikranth in ‘Bakrid’. Image Credit: Supplied

Director Jagadeesan Subu, who debuted with the sensitively-told crime thriller ‘Sigai’, returns with ‘Bakrid.’

This simple story of a man’s compassion for his camel wins hearts. Subu’s courage and self-confidence is commendable for making a film that does not tick the boxes of a regular formula film.

Rathinam (Vikranth) — a farmer’s son — after winning a legal tussle with his older brother over their family land is eager to build back the land his father has left him. When a bank loan takes time in coming through, he seeks the assistance of a Muslim money-lender for funds.

What catches his eye at the money-lender’s home is a young camel that has been brought to Chennai from Rajasthan. Rathinam, a father of a little girl brings it home and raises it. His daughter christens it Sarah and the young camel is welcomed into the family lovingly.

One day, Sarah falls ill. The veterinary doctor points out that her loose system was caused by the food given at Rathinam’s home. This animal, a native of Rajasthan, was not used to the food of Tamilians. When Rathinam realises that Sarah’s life is endangered due to her diet, he decides to send her back to Rajasthan. He seeks help from a lorry driver, Veerender (Rohit Pathak), who agrees to transport the camel to Rajasthan for a fee.

‘Bakrid’ follows Rathinam and Sarah on their road trip from Chennai to Rajasthan. Though the pace of the narration is slow and the loud background music interferes in the telling, it is Vikranth who holds the story up with his subtle performance. Taking a break from the regular roles, he plays a loving father and a conscientious farmer with a love for the land and nature. Vasundhara as his onscreen wife Geeta is spontaneous. Child actor Vasuki is cute. Pathak, the villain of ‘Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru’, reveals a different side to him as the truck driver.

Subu shot live with three camels that were brought to Chennai from Rajasthan. Besides writing the script and directing the film, this former cinematographer has handled the camera himself.

‘Bakrid’ is a story for every animal lover. Without being preachy, Subu conveys a relevant message. Watch ‘Bakrid’ with the family.

The film is out in the UAE on August 22.