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A new leisure destination has opened in Dubai and it’s located in a very unexpected spot: Mina Rashid Port. The integrated entertainment city, called Marina Cubes, is currently home to just a handful of restaurants and one of the most peaceful sea side venues in the city.

The new development by P&O, dubbed the Mina Rashid Marina project, is also home to one of Dubai's largest harbours. Eventually the new tourist destination will be able to harbour 20,000 yachts, Gulf News reported previously.

Offering a very laid-back atmosphere and located at the coastal edge of Dubai, the new destination encompasses amazing views of the marina, container like outlets offering unique food and beverage options and plenty of parking.

What is it exactly?

A brand new waterfront leisure destination, where people can hang out in peace. There is no traffic, there is no noise and there are hardly any people.

This is your view when you're dining there

Where is it located?

A little bit off the grid, by the Rashid Mina.

What does it look like?

This seaside hideaway has a very cool industrial look, with each outlet built like a shipping container in different colours, a little more minimalistic than Box Park. Marina Cubes has its very own unobstructed view of the water, with palm trees dotting the sides of the road and yachts berthed all around the water.

Which restaurants can you find there?


Location Marina Cubes, Mina Rashid Timings Open Daily from10am to 10pm Contact 04 3300056

EST! by Signor Pomidor

Location Marina Cubes, Mina Rashid Timings Open Daily from10am to 10pm Contact 04 3300056


Location Marina Cubes, Mina Rashid Timings Open Daily from11am to 12am, on weekends until 1am Contact 04 2552550 

Coffee Lab

Location Marina Cubes, Mina Rashid Timings Weekdays from 10am to 8pm, weekends from 8am to 10pm Contact 04 2826238

Biker's Station Cafe

Location Marina Cubes, Mina Rashid Timings Daily from 9am to 12am Contact 050 2263292


Location Marina Cubes, Mina Rashid Timings Open Daily from11am to 11pm, Friday from 2pm to 12am Contact 050 2094666


Location Marina Cubes, Mina Rashid 

My Station (not yet open)

Spheerz (not yet open)