Lebanese chefs prepare the largest plate of hummus to set a new Guinness world record in Beirut on May 8, 2010. Image Credit: AP

Beirut: Lebanese cooks have whipped up more than ten metric tons of hummus, breaking a world record previously held by rival Israel.

The gigantic serving of the popular Middle Eastern chickpea paste is the latest shot in the two countries' ongoing war to assert ownership over the dip.

Some 300 Lebanese cooks on Saturday prepared the huge batch of hummus that weighed in at 22,046 pounds (10,452 kilogrammes) That more than doubles the previous record of around 4 metric tons set in January by cooks in an Arab town near Jerusalem.

A Guinness World Records adjudicator confirmed that Lebanon now holds the record.

Lebanon accuses Israel of stealing traditional Arab dishes like hummus and marketing them worldwide as Israeli.