A brainchild of Emirati businessman, Jasem Al Bastaki Cafe2Go, which projects itself as a ‘local’ brand, aims to promote camel milk as a health choice for patrons Image Credit: © XPRESS/Asghar Khan

Dubai: A new café serving coffee, tea, milk shakes and smoothies with camel milk is the talk of the town in Dubai.

Called Cafe2Go, the innovative coffee shop on Shaikh Zayed Road was recently launched to promote camel milk as a healthy choice for residents.

"Camel milk has many benefits. It is good for immunity, low in fat, healthy for bones, a rich source of protein and Vitamin C, has anti-ageing properties and is easy to digest," said Mohsin Razzak Shaikh, marketing executive at the café.

Being projected as a ‘local' brand, unlike other existing coffee chains, Cafe2Go is the brainchild of an Emirati businessman, Jasem Al Bastaki.

"We are a franchise and plan to open six outlets in Dubai by the end of the year, with walk-in, drive-through and mobile versions as well," said Shaikh.

Nestled in the Al Murooj Rotana complex, the café's camel milk products had many takers when XPRESS visited the place.

Two bank employees, Manuel Fernandes and Dinesh Dithal, who were sipping their cappuccino, said they come down to Cafe2Go every other day as they had acquired a taste for camel milk. "It's smoother and tastier than regular milk. Moreover, it's a new experience for us," said Fernandes.

"At Dh11 a cup, it's also value for money," said his colleague.

At another table, Khalid Jamshidi, who works in Zabeel, said he visited the café every day for its camel beverages. "I've tasted them all and I like the variety — from camel cappuccino and camel latte to camel tea and camel milkshake."

Shaikh said the coffees, tea, milk shakes and smoothies are being offered in different flavours with customers being given a choice of regular milk or camel milk. "But well over 50 per cent of the orders placed at the café are for camel's milk which is freshly procured from a local farm every day."

Shaikh said the coming months will see a drive-through café where customers can just stop by an innovative kiosk, get themselves a cuppa and drive away. "We will also be selling these products in a mobile van so that more people can be reached wherever they are," he added.

Prices range from Dh9 for a cup of hot milk to Dh22 for a mocha cinnamon. Reasonably priced snacks and yoghurts are also served at reasonable prices.