Bradley Cooper in Burnt

1. The Proposal

Starring funny woman Sandra Bullock and man’s man Ryan Reynolds, this flick would interest any guy. It’s got humour, awkward moments and Betty White too! Bullock plays an uptight publisher named Margaret Tate, who forces her assistant Andrew Paxton, played by Reynolds, to marry her, to avoid getting deported to Canada. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Sandra Bullock and Betty White dancing around a fire in the woods rapping “Get Low” by Lil John.

2. Hitch

Men love Will Smith; they also love Eva Mendez, so this movie is a safe bet. It’s great when a romantic comedy is told from the perspective of a man. In the movie Smith's character is a “date doctor” who helps his clients find the partner of their dreams. The tables are turned however, when Dr. Hitch meets a gossip columnist named Sara Melas, played by Mendez. For the first time in his life, his knowledge of how to win women over doesn't seem to work on her and he becomes enamoured.

3. Burnt

Bradley Cooper stars as Adam Jones, an extremely talented 2-Michelin starred Parisian chef , whose career was temporarily put on hold due to a mental breakdown after his mentor passes away. This fantastic film shows how Adam moves to London and tries to achieve his third Michelin star. His anger issues and need for perfectionism make this a heated movie to watch. Pots and pan are constantly being flung across room.

4. 50 First Dates

Most guys love Adam Sandler’s type of humour. In this romantic comedy he teams up with Drew Barrymore once again and makes audiences laugh at his many attempts to win her love. Barrymore’s character Lucy has a rare neuro-dysfunction, which causes short term memory loss. This means that she can't remember anything that happened to her the day before. Sandler’s character takes on the challenge and has to convince her to fall in love with him over and over again.

5. Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence is the ultimate guys’ girl. She’s funny, loud and can enjoy a good burger. In this Oscar winning film, she plays a recent widow, who convinces a bipolar Bradley Cooper to enter a dance competition with her. The film is especially enjoyable because of its dark humour and witty dialogue.

6. Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy Stupid Love is another romantic comedy told from the perspective of a man. The movie is especially appealing to guys, because the leading man is Steve Carell, one of the funniest people alive. He plays the role of Cal Weaver, a recently divorced hopeless romantic, whose wife, played by Julianne Moore, was unfaithful to him. He meets playboy Jacob Palmer, played by Ryan Gosling, who mentors him in the art of seduction. Hilarity ensues.

7. 500 Days of Summer

The movie begins with the end of a relationship between Tom and Summer. Tom, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, is a greeting cards writer, who falls for a woman in his office named Summer. Throughout the movie Tom looks back at his 500 day relationship with Summer and tries to figure out how it came to an end. This rom-com stands out from many others because the story is realistic and lacks a lot of the cliches that you usually see in such films.

8. About Time

Not all romantic comedies need to have dashingly handsome male leads. Sometimes a dorky and relatable stuttering British man is the reason guys are so drawn to this movie. That and the component of time travel . This clearly isn’t your typical rom-com. When Tim Lake, played by Domhnall Gleeson, turns 21 his father reveals that the men in their family can travel through time. Tim uses his newly discovered powers to improve his chances of getting a girlfriend by moving through time and improving certain situations in his past. He then encounters Mary, played by Rachel McAdams, a beautiful woman who steals his heart.

9. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Movies produced by Judd Apatow will definitely be a winner with any man. This one stars Jason Segel, as a struggling musician and former boyfriend of a famous actress named Sarah Marshal, played by Kristin Bell. Peter tries to get over his recent break up by taking a trip to Hawaii. He ends up staying in the same hotel as Sarah Marshal and her newfound love. The hilarious comedy also features Mila Kunis, Russel Brand and Jonah Hill.