Burger Dubai
Meat Me there, She Burger, Parkers and High JOint Image Credit: Multiple Sources

Dubai: On Thursday May 28, burger lovers around the world will have the chance to celebrate International Burger Day.

I love a good burger, but I wouldn’t want to waste the calories on fast food burgers. I prefer independent, standalone spots. Places that use gourmet cheese, potato flour bread, a secret sauce or even lamb meat instead of beef. What makes these places stand out is the fact that their produce is fresh, the meat is soft and grilled well. The cool branding doesn’t hurt either.

*Please note that some timings are different due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please call ahead to check with the venue directly*

Here are some of the top burgers in Dubai:

1. Meat Me There

Meat Me There Dubai
Meat Me There Dubai Image Credit: Meat Me There Dubai Facebook

My number one, undisputed burger spot, for the best, juiciest, simplest, yet most unique burger in town is Meat Me There. If you were to mention this place to your friends, most of them probably wouldn't know about it. Their burger patty is made with black Australian onyx beef, rather than regular cow beef which I think actually works to its advantage. It’s succulent and juicy. They also have a very unique white bread bun, sprinkled with black sesame. Their cheese fries are served with melted gruyere cheese, rather than that plastic stuff that comes out of a pump. It’s the perfect burger and my favourite one to indulge in.

Location: Al Souq Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim 2 — Dubai Cost: Dh38 for the Meat Me Burger and Dh25 for the fries 

2. Moylos

Moylo's Dubai
Moylo's Image Credit: Moylo's Dubai Facebook

When I was in college, I used to always put an onion ring inside my cheese burger, Moylo’s signature burger comes with a large Cajun tempura onion ring inside, which made me so happy when I took a bite. Moylo’s specialises in gourmet home-made burgers, fresh ingredients and the soft potato bread is their unique selling point.

The patty is made with 100 per cent wagyu beef, American cheese, a super special sauce and of course a giant onion ring. The venues are small but comfortable and super trendy with wooden details and exposed light bulbs. Order their Moylo’s Burger with a side of parmesan truffle fries.

Location: Near Sunset Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 3, JLT and Trade Centre Cost: Dh39 and Dh20 for the truffle fries 

3. She Burger

She Burger
She Burger Image Credit: She Burger Facebook

She Burger started out only taking deliveries via WhatsApp, so you had to be in the know, to enjoy one of their amazing meals. The understated burger delivery service became so popular with its fans that they finally opened an outlet at Dar Al Wasl mall. The burger joint is the brainchild of Emirati entrepreneur Shaikha Eissa. What’s unique about her burgers, is that she adds shredded potatoes within them, so they make for an interesting flavour and a nice crunchy texture. When I tried my first burger there, I was a bit miffed at the size, wishing it were bigger, but pair that with fries and a drink, I got up feeling full.

Location: Dar Al Wasl Mall Cost: Dh35 for a burger, Dh18 for Cajun Fries 

4. Parker's

Truffle Burger at Parker's Dubai
Truffle Burger at Parker's Dubai Image Credit: Parker's Instagram

If I am being honest, not every burger on the Parker's menu is worth ordering, but there is one that I go back for time and time again. Their Truffle Burger. It's made with Truffle infused Wagyu striploins, truffle ranch, white cheddar and crispy onions. It could feel a bit heavy for some, but this has got to be one of my favourite burgers in Dubai. Try it and you'll see what I mean.

Location: Dubai Mall and La Mer Cost: Dh62 for the truffle burger 

5. Bareburger (a vegan burger!)

Bareburger Vegan Burger Dubai
Bareburger Vegan Burger Image Credit: Supplied

One of the beauties of Bareburger is that the ingredients are mostly all organic, so you can really taste the difference in quality. I have to say though, that their stand-out menu item is their vegan burger. I know it may seem a bit strange for people, who eat meat to want to try a vegan burger, but it honestly completely changed my view of eating vegan food. Their vegan burger is called the Beyond Burger, and it's made out of 100 per cent vegan ingredients like beetroot, potato as well as other vegetables, there's even some non-dairy cheese on it! And honestly... I am not even exaggerating, it tastes just like the real thing.

Locations La Mer, City Walk, The Pointe Cost Dh44 

6. Shake Shack

Shake Shack Dubai
Shake Shack Dubai Image Credit: Supplied/Shake Shack Dubai

Although the brand is slightly more mainstream and mostly only located within malls, there is something completely comforting about biting into a burger at Shake Shack. The soft and pillowy bun, the sort of jagged edge burger and that melted cheese gives it a little bit of a messy and homemade feel. The only drawback about Shake Shack is the size of the burger. When something is so good, I tend to always crave more surface. To feel full, I sometimes have to order two burgers, which tends to be heavy on the wallet. 

Locations Multiple Cost starting from Dh30 

7. CaliBurger

CaliBurger Dubai
CaliBurger Dubai Image Credit: CaliBurger Dubai Facebook

Although it doesn’t top the list, I have a little soft spot for CaliBurger. They honestly do make a mean double cheese burger. My friend who loves a spicy flavour says their Cali on Fire is fantastic and always a go-to. Their French fries used to be those old school thick cut fries that kind of dried out after you left them out for too long, but they've recently stepped up their game with the introduction of skinny fries. CaliBurger is now only open for delivery in the UAE.

Cost: Starts from Dh26 

8. Blaze Burgers

Blaze Burger Dubai
Blaze Burger Dubai Image Credit: Blaze Burger Dubai Facebook

I love anything that allows you customisation. Blaze is originally a Bahraini homegrown brand that makes these juicy cheesy burgers in an old school nostaligia kind of way. The ingredients are all are fresh. They are insta-famous for the 6Abooga Burger, but I honestly recommend just having a build-your-own exactly the way you like it.

Location: JBR Cost: Starting from Dh39

9. Five Guys

Five Guys Dubai
Five Guys Dubai Image Credit: Supplied/Five Guys Dubai

I know it’s another mainstream mall spot, but you cannot deny that their burgers really scratch that burger-craving itch. The sandwich itself isn’t made with those cool, trendy potato buns or gourmet cheese or caramalised whatever. But a simple and tasty portion. I also love that it’s a massive portion and is really filling. They also have a tendency to give you an entire bag of French fries and free unlimited peanuts if you dine in.

Location: Multiple Outlets Cost: Starting from Dh38 

10. ​Burger Pit​​​​​​

Burger Pit
Burger Pit Dubai Image Credit: Burger Pit Facebook

Burger Pit is a quintessentially classic American burger place, located at Dubai’s Last Exit. The venue draws its inspiration from the retro 1950s, but combines an old-fashioned concept with the fast paced life in Dubai. This gourmet food truck’s motto is simple — good quality food, done well. Classic beef burgers are paired with fries and the classic all-American shakes are there to wash it all down.

Location: Last Exit (all of them) Cost: Dh30 for the original, Dh20 for loaded cheese fries 

11. Salt

Image Credit: Facebook

Everyone talks about Salt when they think about burgers in Dubai. What started out as a little food truck on kite beach, is now a full fledged success story with multiple locations and international pop-ups. I even saw one in the middle of the desert in Saudi Arabia. Salt kind of pioneered the potato bun movement in the UAE. They kind of started the 'soft burger' trend. When everyone was still enjoying white sesame seeds on their bun, Salt focused more on the texture and it totally transformed the eating experience. Their burgers come in two's since they are quite small, but pair them with some fries and a shake and you are good!

Location: Kite Beach, Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, La Mer. They also have locations in RAK, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and even Saudi Arabia Cost: Dh32 for the original, Dh18 for cheese fries 

12. Le Burger

Le burger
Image Credit: Supplied

Le Burger is apparently Vienna’s best kept secret. This spot is more for the picky person, who wants to know exactly what's in their burger (me tbh). Le Burger allows you to make over 2,000 burger combinations. Their Mall of the Emirates location is the first international opening for the brand. Le Burger takes fast-casual dining to new heights with gourmet burgers and specially curated mocktails. The dedicated beverage bar lets diners pick from an elaborate drinks menu so they can sip on milkshakes, mocktails, iced teas, coffees and soft drinks.

Location: First floor of Mall of the Emirates, next to Ski Dubai Price: Dh52 for a classic cheese burger 

13. Black Tap

Black Tap
Image Credit: Supplied

When Black Tap first opened in Jumeirah Al Naseem, it was common to find 40 to 60 minute wait times so you could get in. The popular burger joint, which hails from New York is famous for its generous burgers (American portions) and its Crazy Shakes. Black Tap’s flavours are simple and uncomplicated, with each burger made from scratch. It's definitely an enjoyable night out and the burgers are tasty. It is a bit on the pricy side, with the burger meals starting at Dh75. However, most people I come across seem to really like their craft burgers. It has since expanded to several locations across the UAE.

Locations: Jumeirah Al Naseem, Rixos Premium and Dubai Festival City. They have one location in Abu Dhabi Cost: Dh75 for the All-American

14. Pickl. Dubai

Pickl. Dubai Burger
Image Credit: Facebook

This burger joint has hit Dubai by storm. Anytime you are dining in you will find a slew of delivery drivers waiting to pick up orders, as well as a line of people ordering to eat there. You can't deny, their burgers are really good. They ship their beef especially from the USA, and use potato buns to soak up all the sauces and meat juices, so it's like a pillowy, yummy, deliciously messy burger. Their fried chicken is one of the best in the city. It tastes really high quality. Every dish is served with a side of sliced pickles, depending on how you like them.

Location: One JLT, Al Safa 2 Cost:Dh30 for a cheeseburger 

15. High Joint

High Joint
Image Credit: Instagram.com/High.Joint

High Joint can only seat like seven or eight people at a time. It's locate in a bit of a random residential area in Al Manara, sandwiched between an Afghani bakery and a grocery. This homegrown burger joint, is clearly more of a grab and go spot, but sitting down is fun and different as well. The menu is one page. Pretty simple, but incredibly good! Not for the purists, more for the "flavour loving, sauce loving, okay with Cheetos inside of a burger" type of people. I loved their Millionaires High burger (Dh45).

Location: Al Safa 2, Near Al Manara Road Cost: Dh35 for the High Burger

16. Bite Me Burger Co

Bite Me
Image Credit: Supplied

Bringing London's hottest mini burgers to Dubai, Bite Me Burger Co, has opened its doors in Gate Avenue, DIFC. Serving 15 varieties of mouth-watering mini burgers, from lamb and duck to beef and vegan, each mini burger is drizzled with a fun homemade sauce. Great for DIFC's lunch hour, Bite Me Burger Co also does office deliveries and sharing boxes of 12 to 24 mini burgers (ideal for team meetings). Bite Me Burger Co shares its address with its sister brand, Get Plucked, a destination for gourmet fried chicken. Two birds one stone.

Location: 151 Gate Avenue, North Entrance, Podium Level, DIFC Cost: Dhs 42 for a box of two mini burgers (DUO) and Dhs 18 for regular fries 

17. Freddy's Steakburgers

Image Credit: Supplied

This burger spot is famous in the US with over 350 restaurants there. Freddy’s Steakburgers are now available in the UAE at three locations (Nakheel Mall, Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates). Freddy’s makes cooked-to-order Smash Steakburgers. They use a 85 per cent lean beef patty, smashed on the grill, topped with cheese and cooked to come out with crunchy tidbits around the edges. Pair the burger with their 'Shoestring Fries' cooked in a hot and crunchy style. They come with a special Freddy’s dipping fry sauce.

Location: Nakheel Mall, Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates Cost: Dh22 for a Freddy's Original Double

18. FOMO

Fomo Burger
Image Credit:

I spotted this burger stand in Al Serkal Avenue. FOMO (fear of missing out) is one of the more recent burger spots to hit the Dubai foodie scene. The menu offers just four different types of burgers (very focused).So if you are hungry hungry, go for their Double Fomo, but if you are looking for something kind of smaller, maybe a little simpler, then the Fomo Burger  is the one for you. Order it with a side of fries and make sure you have the ice cream for dessert. 

Location:Al Serkal Avenue Cost: Dh32 for a cheeseburger