Rana Rauf
Rana Rauf, Director of Axis Solicitors Image Credit: Supplied

The self-sponsorship programme, pioneered by Axis Solicitors, is a revolutionary approach to obtaining UK citizenship, meticulously designed to streamline the often complex immigration process. Unlike traditional UK immigration routes, our self-sponsorship program requires no investment, making it an affordable and feasible option for the residents of the UAE alongside other countries.

Our programme is a commitment to providing comprehensive support for our clients. From the initial stages of company registration to securing a UK business bank account, our team of qualified solicitors and business advisors are with you every step. Axis Solicitors services extend to human resources, accountancy, compliance, and establishing an online presence, ensuring that your business is ready for success from day one.

This self-sponsorship programme has proven to be beneficial not only for our clients but also for the UK. By facilitating the establishment of businesses, we are creating jobs and opportunities for UK nationals, thereby contributing to the country's economic growth.

Furthermore, the programme allows dependents to join the applicant in the UK, promoting family unity and having access to renowned education and health facilities.

The popularity of our self-sponsorship route is based on its hassle-free nature. Unlike the startup or innovator visa, our program does not require an endorsing body, simplifying the process and providing a direct path to residency and citizenship in the UK.

If you want to learn more about the self-sponsorship program or start the application process, please visit Axis Solicitors' UK Self-Sponsorship Informational Page or contact our expert advisors. Our dedicated professionals are poised to guide you in embarking upon a rewarding life in the UK.

To sum up, the self-sponsorship programme is more than just an immigration service; it is a testament to our commitment to facilitating the dreams and aspirations of individuals seeking a brighter future in the UK.

We are committed to empowering individuals to shape their destiny and enrich the UK's diverse landscape. Our no-investment, streamlined route to UK citizenship exemplifies this commitment. It's an honour to spearhead this transformative initiative. 

Our Self-Sponsorship Programme actualises your dream of UK residency without the burden of investment.

- The writer is the director of Axis Solicitors