Passport to the World: Cosmos

Migration has always been at the forefront since time immemorial. Humans have always looked beyond for a better and secure life. Cosmos Immigration has just made it easier for people in the UAE. It has tailor-made immigration pathways for individuals at every stage of life.

Thousands of professionals dream of migrating to countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and other OECD countries owing to the highest standards of life, social security, quality education and most importantly, to become permanent residents and gain citizenship — all within an affordable and economic budget.

At Cosmos Immigration, with our exclusive counselling programme and with 100 per cent success rate, we help them determine a suitable pathway and guide them through the complete life-transforming process. We have exclusive value-added services that make an individual’s immigration journey a smooth one. Cosmos has partnered with IDP Global (proud co-owner of IELTS) to provide an IELTS test centre at its premises, while also providing exclusive training through expert trainers to candidates including mock tests which ease the language test preparation hurdle for an aspirant immigrant.

Another obstacle most applicants face is getting the documents aligned for evaluation by assessing bodies in Canada and Australia. We render support with relevant documentation and offering an end-to-end solution. This requires us to engage with all respective stakeholders, allowing the applicant to sit back and relax.

In a post Covid-19 economy, innovation is key. Cosmos assists with the best pathways for entrepreneurs. The start-up visa programme is among the best investment and entrepreneurial options for prospective migrants. This is a call to all professionals with experience in business, working in senior management positions or new entrepreneurs who can be at the forefront of innovation in Canada, to explore this quick pathway to permanent residency (PR), with minimal investment.

Now is the time to move towards your dream, and Cosmos will help you navigate the road until you reach your destination.