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Serta’s flagship store in Dubai Mall features an exclusive product range including mattresses and specialty pillows and other bedding accessories Image Credit: Supplied

Sleep is as important to our health as eating, drinking and breathing. It allows the brain and body to slow down and engage in the process of recovery, promoting better physical and mental performance the next day and over the long-term.

There are many ways to improve the quality of your sleep, such as adjusting the light, noise and temperature in the bedroom and change your eating, drinking and exercising lifestyle. What else can contribute to this paramount sleep? How about a Serta mattress? After all, you spend one third of your life in bed.

Makers of the world’s best mattresses, and industry leaders in technologically advanced sleep solutions, Serta has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the region. Serta’s mattresses are heralded as providers of luxurious and comfortable sleep, as every piece is caringly put together and integrated with advanced and patented technologies to provide you with the ultimate sleep experience, leaving you refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. The mattresses are made to fit the customers as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach

World Sleep Day 2022 falls on March 18th, with the theme and slogan “Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World.” This completely syncs with Serta’s philosophy that a comfortably supportive mattress helps you get enough & quality sleep so your mind and body can feel fully restored and ready for the daily physical, emotional and mental challenges you face.

Serta mattresses are made from the finest materials with great attention to details from manufacturing to finish. The mattress is integrated with various technologies like Posture Spiral Spring Technology (PSST), which is Serta’s patented technology for innerspring mattresses. Its continuous innerspring system is intelligently designed to offer superior comfort and support. This premium design system provides exceptional Comfort, Support, Weight distribution and body conformance. With the unique design engineered to instantly adjust to sleep movements and conform to bodies’ individual contours, Serta’s continuous support spring has earned a reputation as one of the premier innersprings in quality bedding.

Another revolutionary aspect of the Serta mattress is the Microsupport Cool Gel Infused Visco Foam technology which provides a cooling and breathable surface for sleeping. This technology provides thermo-regulation and thus provides unchanging comfort through-out the night.

Other technologies in the mattress include Advance Comfort Quilt (ACQ) technology that adds additional comfort, and Graphine Technology which assists in removing negative energy and static electricity away from the body, thus help minimize stress and exhaustion, etc. Each of these technologies possesses unique benefits that will allow you to achieve an incredible sleep experience so that you wake up to a refreshed body and mind.

Additionally, sleep lovers can enjoy Serta’s new offer with 30 per cent to 40 per cent discount on beds, mattresses and accessories, and encourage them to grab this chance, because good offers don’t last forever. Customers will also get free speciality pillows on purchase of every mattress. This offer is valid till stock lasts.

Serta’s flagship store in Dubai Mall features an exclusive product range including mattresses and specialty pillows and other bedding accessories. There are also Serta stores on Shaikh Zayed Road and Al Seef Mall in Abu Dhabi.

Visit the Serta showrooms and find a Serta bed to match your specific requirements. For offer enquires call +971529041968 and for general information please call +971 4 8853929 or email For more details visit