In case of a disaster these are some things you must have:

Water - and lots of it.

Clean drinking water usually becomes scarce after a natural disaster. Water sources may be contaminated and taps may dry out. Make sure that you have at least 1 gallon daily per person for three to seven days, says the National Hurricane Centre, USA.

Snacks such as energy bars may be useful. Remember the elderly and infants. Make sure you have packaged or canned food for three to seven days.

Blankets and pillows
Put these in plastic bags and store them.

Shoes, rain gear, and warm clothes.

Your First Aid kit with your medicine.

Miscellaneous items such as: toiletries, hygiene items, and moisture wipes.

Torchlights and batteries

Fuel can get scarce - so stock up with several gallons of fuel.

Preparing for a natural disaster:

You and your family might find yourself in areas close to the disaster zone. Although you might not need to evacuate, you must still be prepared for any eventuality.

  • Follow instructions issued by the authorities.
  • Hold a home evacuation drill to test your emergency plan with all members of the family present.
  • Teach household members how to turn off utilities.
  • Ask a relative or friend outside the disaster zone to serve as a "family contact". Make sure everyone in the family knows the name, address, and phone number of this contact person.
  • Find out the location of the nearest police and fire station, as well as the route to the nearest hospital emergency room.
  • Meet neighbours and find out who has medical experience.
  • Listen to the local radio or TV stations for information.

Other items:

  • Battery-operated radio
  • Money: ATMs and banks will not necessarily be open, and credit cards may not always be useful. K
  • Keys to your house and car.
  • Place important documents - passports, bank account numbers, insurance records, medical records, etc. in water-proof packets or containers.
  • You could even keep some books, games and toys for yourself and possibly children in the family.