Jamaican dancehall reggae artist Sean Paul's Trinity World Tour came to a head at the Dubai Tennis Stadium. The atmosphere was red-hot with an electric performance by Paul and crew. The dancers were flamboyant and the beats were infectious. And the message: one love.

Representing the UAE

Real Flava is an urban brand headed by one of the opening acts at the Sean Paul concert, DJ Bliss. To get more banging tunes, tune in to the Real Flava radio show every Friday evening between 5-7pm on 104.1 national Radio1.

The brand was born from a love of all things urban and was conceptualised and brought into existence by 26 year old Iranian DJ/producer Marwan Parham, aka DJ Bliss.

Marwan has been DJing in Dubai for the past six years and is a household name with the urban/R&B crowd in the region.

Log onto www.real-flava.com for more information.