The meadows: Prime property Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI If you are looking for a home to rent in The Greens or The Views, make sure your landlord has no outstanding service fees, otherwise you won’t get a ‘Move In’ permit. The permit is issued by developer Emaar only after the landlord has cleared the service charges.

Prospective tenants must apply for the ‘Move In’ permit form at least five days before relocating.

A tenant who ignored this prerequisite said he was not allowed to take possession of an apartment even though he had paid the landlord.

“As it turned out, my landlord had defaulted on the service charges. We were nearly homeless as we had arranged to move out. Not only had we packed everything, we had even informed our previous landlord about it,” he said.

A property agent said it is the responsibility of the broker to inform tenants if there are any service fees due on the apartment they are renting.

“Once we had to delay the handing of keys to a tenant because the landlord had not settled the dues. He eventually did it from the rent cheques we gave him,” he said. Earlier, tenants of defaulting landlords were allowed to move in, but denied access to facilities such as the pool and gym.

Emaar said the service fee is essential for the upkeep of the community.

In an email response to XPRESS Emaar said: “The community service fee, applicable to all owners, is required for the upkeep and maintenance of community areas, and is an important consideration for the long-term welfare of the communities. Non-payment of such fees by landlords may result in tenants being denied access to common and non-emergency facilities.” Emaar has also put up a list of defaulting landlords in The Springs and Meadows.