Spring Fiesta at the American College of Dubai. Student organiser Priyanka Mehrotra speaks of the hard work and the fun that went into hosting it

This is my first year at American College of Dubai and I am so proud to be one of the key organisers of Spring Fiesta 2006. The two words bring a huuuuuuge smile on my face and that of all my colleagues who have worked with me.

We began working for the Spring Fiesta in January. The past month was particularly hectic and tiring but great fun too. We worked day and night; some of us didn't go home for two days at a stretch.

This year's Spring Fiesta broke all records in ticket sales - a huge thanks to DJ Cowboy who played for us and our hostess of the event Raageshwari who kept the crowd engaged throughout the day.

Organising the event has unknowingly taught us so much; from time management to event management to the biggest of all stress management.

Spring Fiesta was first held in 2001 and has become bigger and better every year. An inter school and inter college event it includes Western and Eastern Dance competitions and Awareness Walks - fashion shows in other words - contests.

Like every year, this year too we supported a very noble cause: special needs children. The curtain raiser was a performance by children with special needs.

The event
American College of Dubai's Spring Fiesta 2006


  • Hosted by Indian singer, actress and VJ Rageshwari, who sang a track from her new album.
  • The event began with a performance by children from the Special Needs Foundation (SNF).
  • DJ cowboy and his foot-stomping remixes.


  • Western dance inter college competition: First prize to Mahe Manipal. Runners-up - Heriot Watt University, Dubai campus.

    The best male dancer award was a tie between Jasim of Mahe Manipal and Sayed of Preston University. The best female dancer was Sinduja of Mahe Manipal.
  • Eastern dance: Winners - Heriot Watt University, Dubai campus for their traditional Punjabi song and modern bhangra sequence. The runners up award went to Mahe Manipal.

    The best male and female dancer awards went to Shrineel and Swapna, both from the American College of Dubai.
  • Awareness walk: Theme - Unity in Diverstiy. First prize went to the American College of Dubai; the team fused colours with costumes to depict various emotions and won for the imaginative use of props, outfits and creativity. Mahe Manipal won second prize.

    The best male model was ACD's Zehanzeb while the best female model was Chandan from Mahe.
  • Overall trophy went to ...: Mahe Manipal; runners-up American College of Dubai

School events

  • Western dance competition: First prize to the International School Choeifat.
  • The Awareness Walk: Winners - Dubai Scholars Private School; runners up - Abu Dhabi Indian School
  • Poster making competition: Abu Dhabi Indian School with Dubai Gem as the runners up.
  • Eastern Dance: First prize to Dubai Scholars Private School.
  • The overall award went to Abu Dhabi Indian School; Dubai Scholars took the runners up position.

The writer is a student of the American College of Dubai