Dogs appearing under this title are in a registered K9 friends shelter. All K9 dogs are vaccinated and are neutered as breeding is not advocated. K9 do not home dogs to anyone under the age of 21.

A minimum donation will be required to cover veterinary costs. K9 dogs can be viewed on the website Contact K9 friends at 04-3474611 between 9am and 1pm every day, except Friday, or e-mail at

To view any of the dogs, make an appointment by calling 04-3474611 from Saturday to Thursday.

NEON Lovely large male black saluki, short coated. Sadly, he had his ear tips cut off. He adores people.

HENDRIX Lovely medium-sized boy. He is 11 months old and needs some training., Very lively and sweet.

CON A four-year-old large black, tan and white male with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Great fun and quite a personality.

FUDGE Pretty young female with a great personality. She was in a home for a year then brought back to K9. She needs a new understanding home.

INDY Very independent large female dog but not great with other animals. She is gentle with kids and adores people.

JIGSAW Handsome young brown- and-white hound dog who loves to play. Large in size and will need some training.

LUCKY What she lacks in looks she makes up for with her sweet personality. Lucky is medium-sized with a black coat and adores people.

OZ Two lively little Jack Russell cross with brown-and-white coat. Not good with young children.

WILLIAM Lovely large boy who is desperate for a home. He has been with us since he was a puppy, He is not great with young children.

DUPE Gangly looking pup with a brindle type coat and a black pointy nose. Currently in a foster home. Looking for a permanent home desperately.

ESKIMO Saluki mix male pup with a short golden coat. He adores people despite being thrown on the road in Al Ain.

ALFREDO Eight-month-old great dane puppy . Ridiculous docked tail and badly cut ears but big, dopey, kind and sweet despite all this.

BIG AL Five-year-old rhodesian ridgeback who came to K9 in a dreadful state but now thankfully recovered. Very large boy and needs a knowledgeable home.

RED Little red-and-white male cross bred. He has a very sweet nature. This below knee-height dog was found in the streets of Satwa.

JACK Stocky, short brown-and-white puppy with green eyes. A real character who will be below knee height when grown.

BAMBI Long-legged white puppy, will be very slight but tall when grown. A real character and loves kids.

Feline friends: Cats for adoption

Feline Friends is a voluntary organisation that offers help to abandoned cats and kittens. All cats are vaccinated and are neutered as breeding is not advocated. A donation to cover veterinary costs would be appreciated.

Contact: In Dubai 050-4510058, in Abu Dhabi: 050-8231569. In Al Ain:

Below are just a small selection of Feline Friends cats. For details call voice mail numbers. Being run by a group of volunteers, your calls will be answered quickly. Calls for adoption from adults only. Visit Feline Friends online at or email

NINA Beaten on the head and left for dead, now she's partially blind and needs someone kind. Named after the kind lady who rescued her, she's a sweet one-year-old female. She's shy at first but once she trusts you she loves to curl up on your lap. She's good with other cats and is sterilised, vaccinated and litter trained.

Teenie A lovely young male with the sweetest little meow. He was rescued from Satwa with a severe wound. After plenty of TLC his wounds have healed and he has become the most fantastic young feline. He loves to play and is used to living in an apartment. He's sterilised, vaccinated and litter trained.

Mr & Mrs What a turn-around this pair have made! Initially extremely shy and nervous - they hid for two months! They are now confident and friendly. They'll need a little time to settle in to their new home, and would prefer a nice quiet environment without small children. They need to be homed together as they share a strong bond and would like to live in a villa so they can explore the great outdoors if they like. Both vaccinated, sterilised and litter trained.

Snoopy A very sweet six-month- old female. Snoopy was already adopted from Feline Friends but unfortunately her new home didn't work out because the cat that she went to live with decided he didn't like her. She's back with Feline Friends and looking for a new home without any other cats. She loves to be around humans and is a very affectionate. She's vaccinated, sterilised and litter trained.

Satwa Sal She is not the most strikingly beautiful cat but deserves a new home all the same. She has lovely grey tabby markings. She was rescued from a car park in Satwa with a huge wound on her neck where we think that someone may have tried to slit her throat. She is a little nervous initially but once she learns to trust you she is very sweet and affectionate. She's fully vaccinated, sterilised and litter trained. Ideally, we'd like to see her go to a home where she can have access to the outdoors (although this is not essential).

Bobby A lovely black-and-white male, with beautiful silky fur who loves to be around you. We're not sure of his exact age, although we think he is still quite young, he loves to play and is used to living in an apartment. He's sterilised, litter trained and vaccinated.

Abandoned pets

AP cares for stray, injured or abandoned animals that come its way. All of its animals have been vaccinated, castrated, and are of various shapes, sizes and colours. Can you offer a temporary home or a loving permanent home? AP is run by one lady who could really use your help. Call 050-6258375 to see some of the animals.

No calls from breeders or pet shops. e-mail:

FOUND Adult pug in Jumeira late April. Looking for owner or good home. Familiarity with this breed is essential.

Puppies available Mixed colours. Call 050-4828872/050-8441417 or 050-6258375. Families in villa only please.

Penny and Jacky Two pure breeds: pekinese and bichon frise. Both are seven months old, very playful and would love to be homed together. Both of them are spayed and vaccinated. OK with kids, dogs and cats. Family with villa please.

Bonny – Very bright and playful female Labrador cross. One year old with very shiny short black coat.

Star Male dog rescued from a car accident with a broken leg which is now fixed after two weeks at the vet. We desperately need help with the vet bills. It can be paid to Abandoned Pets or directly to the clinic.

Ginger and Pepper Desperately seeking foster or permanent home for these two attractive abandoned cats. Both of them are around seven months old and neutured.

Daisy Adorable young female cross dog. Affectionate nature and gets on very well with other dogs. Looking for a loving home.

Kittens available.


Please be aware of dog fighting in the UAE - watch your pets!


We are very grateful for any donations of pet food: cat, dog, bird etc and financial assistance towards vet bills is always highly appreciated. In fact we have a number of outstanding bills to be paid at several veterinary clinics this month which we are struggling to pay. We can arrange for you to pay directly to the clinic if you wish.