The Abu Dhabi Jazz Festival marks the first time that Natalie Williams, the world renowned jazz singer, has set foot in Abu Dhabi outside the airport – but even now she still hasn't properly explored the city outside the Beach Rotana Hotel, where she was staying for the festival.

The artist sat down with tabloid! after the energetic performance on Friday night.

"I've been to Dubai, Oman, Tunisia and Libya but I really enjoyed performing at the festival. The crowd seemed to be an interesting mix of people," she said. "I had so much fun on stage that I didn't want to leave!" she added.

The singer's earliest inspiration came when she was a student at an American school in Berlin. A speaker came to do a music workshop and she became so excited that when she came home that day, she insisted that she take singing lessons.

With three critically acclaimed albums behind her and one more set for release in April 2009, it seems as though the lessons paid off.

"I'm writing some of the songs on the album but even though it's almost done, I'm finding it difficult to stop writing. I always think that there's another song in me somewhere. On the upcoming album, we're using the band more and giving the songs less of a hip hop feel. I get bored of doing the same thing and always like trying something new. Music and style get old quickly so its good to re-invent yourself every now and then," she said.

Natalie attributes her sound to the many artists who had been an inspiration to her, such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Ella Fitzgerald.

"I would love to do a collaboration with Stevie Wonder – and Prince – I'm a huge Prince fan but they intimidate me," she said.