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Fifty pages in and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is definitely delivering the goods.

I was beginning to wonder if all the fuss was worth it when it took me a whole five minutes to choose which of the myriad versions I wished to buy (UK children's, UK adult, US edition, gilt-edged J.K Rowling signed edition…) I settled on the garish UK kid's version as it looked the most handbag friendly.

With a prologue dealing with death and the immortality of friendship (rather ominous!), and Voldemort playing the star of the sinister opening chapter, there's no doubt that the book's going to be dark.

As promised, a sliver of Sirius' magical mirror makes a reappearance and rumours that Harry will learn more about his idol Dumbledore seem to be well- founded.

(Although Rowling has left the revelation in the highly incapable hands of tabloid journalism's worst literary poster-child – Rita Skeeter threatens to dish the dirt on Dumbledore.)

But what of Harry? He's set to leave the Dursley's home for good, surrounded by Aurors and seven Potters (oh the joys of Polyjuice potion) all set to take him to the Burrow in one piece.

Death Eater drama sure to follow!

Two deaths in 80 pages. Three if you count Hedwig. Strangely, sadder about Hedwig's death than Mad-Eye Moody's (the free pre-order Harry Potter snow owl that's currently sitting at my desk may be responsible for that.) The pets are always the first to go aren't they? But Harry's safe. For now.

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I'd just like to make it clear that on the front cover of the book there is another mischeivous creature braced behind Harry, sword in hand, doing Merlin-knows-what to the bucktoothed depiction of my master. Dobby would never do anything to harm Harry Potter!
Dobby, United Kingdom
Posted: July 22, 2007, 23:01