Gulf News digital and print bundle subscription offer: Second batch of winners get Huawei devices
Gulf News digital and print bundle subscription offer: Second batch of winners get Huawei devices Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Have you subscribed to Gulf News bundle subscription offer yet? If not, now is the time! Gulf News is bringing not just trusted journalism to your fingertips, but also giving out amazing prizes to subscribers in partnership with tech giant Huawei.

In the second round of monthly draws, which will take place over five months, winners were awarded  the latest Huawei gadgets. 

On March 15, the latest batch of winners were given the prizes at Gulf News headquarters, where Gulf News CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Abdul Hamid Ahmad, handed out the prizes.

Gulf News subscriber Vikas Gupta, who won the new Huawei MateBook D 15, said: "We are very fortunate to be here, I have been a subscriber for Gulf News for over 15 years. It has been a wonderful experience in terms of the content, in terms of the delivery model. Even during the pandemic we never missed a single newspaper. We wish Gulf News all the best."

UAE expatriate, Ekta Kapoor, won the new Huawei P40 Pro. Another subscriber, Sugunaraj Subramaniam, who won the Mate 30 Pro, said:"We are glad to be here and winning the beautiul gifts, we appreciate Gulf News, which is the leading news journal in the UAE."

Gulf News subscriber Aerian Sundar, who won the Huawei FreeBuds Pro, said: "I am a very old subscriber of Gulf News. I love the newspaper, especially the sports section. I am happy to win the prize and take this opportunity to thank the Gulf News family."

Subscriber Dilip Gursahani won a Huawei MatePad Pro. His son, who received the prize on his behalf, said: "Thank you so much Gulf News for this Huawei MatePad Pro. I've been reading Gulf News for the past six years since I came here. I wish Gulf News all the best."

A word from Gulf News and Huawei…

Gulf News CEO and Editor-in-Chief Abdul Hamid Ahmad said: “This is the second batch of winners in the Gulf News Subscription bundle offer for print and digital draw. We are happy that the subscribers who won have been reading Gulf News for so many years and that they are loyal to Gulf News. Now, we are offering them more value with the print and digital bundle offer. I would also like to thank Huawei for offering gadgets and devices."

Gulf News Director for Circulation Sales and Distribution, Potru Raju added: "The Gulf News Subscription bundle offer has received an overwhelming response, and we would like to invite all our readers to participate in the campaign to avail of the amazing offers that are part of it. The 2022 offer was launched in January, and has many good offers, including a chance to win high-end Huawei devices in a monthly draw. We would like to thank our readers for the amazing response and we are proud they have been reading the newspaper for so many years. It's great to know that even their children are reading our content now. Thank you for trusting the brand."

Peak Yin, the Country Manager Huawei, CBG, UAE said: “Huawei - as the iconic technology brand has always looked to the future, wherein innovation and evolution is key to progress, along with bringing some of the best tech devices in the consumer market. We are happy with the response to the Gulf News digital and print bundle subscription offer and glad to have partnered with a media house that is aligned with our thinking. We look forward to working more closely with Gulf News and launch more user-benefit activities.”

Three easy ways to subscribe to the Gulf News print and digital bundle offer:

1) You can email at or call on 600599901.

2) You can email at or call on 600587234.

3) Log on to the online Gulf News store:

Get Gulf News’ digital and print subscription bundle and win Huawei devices. Let’s celebrate with trusted journalism and uninterrupted reading.