Dancing queen: Priyanka Chopra perfoming during the recent Ahlan Bollywood concert at Dubai Festival City xpress/ ARSHAD ALI

It’s been a while since Priyanka Chopra was in the news for all the right reasons and not for causing problems in her co-actors’ marriages.

A source reveals, “Her recent over-friendliness with Salman Khan, performing with him in Dubai, calling him her favourite co-star and even signing a film with him... It goes to show that Piggy Chops and her so-called friends who always seem to speak to the media when in trouble, have come up with a plan so calculative to get her back in the game without causing trouble like she did last year.”

This dramatic change comes after a year of having her image tarnished by her alleged affair with Shah Rukh. This was followed by Karan Johar and her taking pot-shots at each other, a quick patch-up and then her flying off to Los Angeles for her international music album. No doubt she was working on her album but the trip seemed extra long, considering the heated reaction of Gauri Khan and other Bollywood wives.

Back in Mumbai only a few months later she latches on to Salman to divert attention from SRK. Also, perhaps, because he is currently the top Khan in Bollywood. The source states further: “Priyanka from day one of her career has been very calculative, whether it’s firing her manager Prakash Jaju (who first printed her mobile bills proving her liaison with Akshay Kumar) or being friendly with powerful actors, she will do anything to be at the top.”

Recently, at an awards event, PC left the fraternity shocked when she deliberately went up to hug Katrina Kaif, showing everyone that all is well. A source says: “That’s weird since she clearly didn’t share great vibes with Kat during the filming of Agneepath. This step could be to show Salman that she has respect for his favourite lady Katrina. So Priyanka’s move seems more like keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”

THE No-go areas

But there is absolutely no talk of Priyanka trying for any film opposite Akshay Kumar. She won’t, ever since Twinkle Khanna shut her out of Akshay’s life.

Nor is there any news of Priyanka and Saif paired together for any project, even though Saif has been open to new heroine pairings. Priyanka hasn’t touched this territory, since she faces formidable competition in arch rival Kareena, who will not let her get near Saif.

Limelight wise, Aamir doesn’t seem like territory worth tapping either, considering he does just one film a year – PC needs to be constantly in the news.

An actress who wishes to remain unnamed says, “Instead of being crowned the sexiest Asian woman recently, Priyanka should have been crowned the industry’s best player.”