Rottweiller Kleidi died after his tail was hacked off Image Credit: Supplied

ABU DHABI A pet dog has died after its tail was hacked off in the latest incident of animal cruelty in the UAE.

Kleidi, a brown Rottweiller, was bleeding profusely when he was found by a couple near Al Gadheer on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi border on October 30.

They took the puppy to Animal Action Abu Dhabi which rushed the animal to the Australian Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi, but the five-month-old died on Sunday, after battling high fever and severe infection.

Deliberate attack

“The puppy was in a very bad shape when it was brought to us. Its tail had been sliced off and there was a lot of blood. It looked like someone had deliberately hacked off the tail with a blunt garden tool,” recalled Natalie Stones from Animal Action Abu Dhabi, a voluntary organisation that rescues and shelters abused and abandoned animals.

Kleidi’s death has evoked a sharp reaction from animal lovers and activists.

“This is so horrifying. I am aghast,” said Mel Stones, Founder Animal Action – Abu Dhabi. The group has since launched a Facebook campaign “I am standing up for Kleidi. Say No to Animal Abuse. Enforce Federal Law No: 16’ calling for stricter enforcement of animal welfare laws in the country.

“Acts like this bring me to tears. Monsters who do this to a puppy don’t deserve to live,” wrote Nina Marie on the Facebook page. “Why aren’t people responsible for this being punished?” asked animal lover Shirien Al Hazmiver

“News laws are welcome. But what we need is stricter implementation of existing laws,” said Mel. “The trail of animal abuse is never ending. Just 10 days ago, we found a cat which had been blinded in both eyes. It also died.”

“We ask people not to walk away when they see an injured or abandoned animal thinking that someone else will raise the alarm because chances are, the next few people too will think the same,” said Stones.

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