red hot: Over 2,000 white and black diamonds and 1,000 rubies embellish the abaya Image Credit: SUPPLIED PHOTO

Dubai: Dubai is showcasing the world’s most expensive abaya and necklace, together valued at Dh268 million.

Debbie Wingham who designed the Dh65-million red diamond abaya said it may be auctioned off for charity in London.

The abaya is studded with a rare red diamond which Wingham got from one of her gem collector friends. The piece features 2,000 white and black diamonds and 1,000 rubies and over 200,000 hand stitches in 14-carat white gold thread.

On display at Raffles recently, the bejewelled outfit was born out of Wingham’s love for Dubai.

“I am just in love with Dubai, there is something magical about it. I would eventually want to move here,” she said, adding, “Women here love embellishments and are also very selective. All of this has inspired me.”

Meanwhile, the 637-carat Mouawad L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace, just certified by the Guinness World Records as the most valuable necklace in the world valued at $55 million (Dh203 million), is currently being showcased at the Mouawad boutique at The Dubai Mall until April 6. This impressive diamond necklace embraces the Incomparable Diamond, the world’s largest internally flawless diamond graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), weighing 407.48 carats.

“This is the fourth time that Mouawad has received a certificate from Guinness World Records and it’s another of those remarkable moments in history for our family”, said Pascal Mouawad, Guardian of the Mouawad Retail Division.

The necklace features the modified shield step-cut deep yellow diamond suspended beneath 229.52 carats of cascading white diamonds interlaced in 18K rose gold branch-lets.

The necklace uses 91 diamonds and was designed by Mouawad’s artisans.