We all have our personal lists - of the zaniest/quirkiest/ funniest/craziest/smartest ... We devote this page to them. This week, Perihan Hellyer is marketing and communications manager at Hyatt Regency, Dubai, lists ...

To meet interesting people
My job gives me a chance to meet a lot of interesting people from different backgrounds. Having grown up in a journalistic environment [as my father ran a newspaper for 15 years], I have always been intrigued by the life of a journalist.

Media fascinates me and I love to interact with people from that field. I am lucky because I get to meet and learn a lot from media persons.

Getting to eat Swiss fondue anytime
I love food, so working in a hotel is the right profession for me. I particularly like fondue. There is something about Swiss fondue that I cannot resist! It is a great incentive that comes with my job.

To work for a great boss
Having a great boss is always a nice thing. It makes things a lot easier if he is creative too!

To live in my flat free of charge
It is great to have a big flat with no bills attached to it! It is also nice to live in a safe area where everything you need close by.

To transform creativity into reality
I enjoy using my childhood memories to organise events in the hotel. It is nice to be able to use those memories productively in a working environment.

To write about things I am passionate about
If you believe in your product and enjoy working there, it makes writing about it much easier, and of course, you are proud to tell the world about it.

To drink fresh orange juice for free
I love waking up to a glass of fresh orange juice. However, I don't usually get time in the morning to have one, so I have freshly squeezed orange juice at work.

To receive tonnes of magazines
I think everyone loves curling up in a sofa and flicking through magazines at the end of a busy day. I get lots of magazines from leading local and foreign publications and going through the latest ones keeps me in touch with trends in terms of fashion and in relation to my work.

To go to great events
I get invited to glamorous events and enjoy attending them. Also, I love dressing up for an event and to meet loads of people! It even gives me a chance to check out other great places to hang out at.

To contribute to charities and to the community
I have great parents and had a happy childhood and I consider myself lucky to have a good education and an opportunity to travel extensively.

As an adult, I feel that now it is my duty to give back to the less fortunate. It is simply the right thing to do. I enjoy doing events to help causes that are close to my heart.