Let your fashion trends spill into your home interiors. Brown, latte, warm coffee colours, beige and neutrals can make for stunning and classy interiors. Mix it up with plants too! Image Credit: Shutterstock

It’s time to unleash your inner designer. We’re talking vibrant, colourful trends that are brighter than a bag of candy and more delightful than diving into a ball pit full of fluffy pillows.

Cherry red, latte, plants in the living room, experimenting with beige, mixing, and matching floral patterns, stripes: Most of the 2024 trends promise a confetti cannon for your living room that is a joyful explosion of your individuality.

We get it, there are so many trends out there. It gets overwhelming. So, how to go about cranking your home’s personality up while holding onto what’s important to you?

We spoke to some interior designers, and they have a lot of ideas on what you can really do. Take your pick.

Shades of beige: Amp up the neutral

Don’t fear, bold design lovers. There's room for both playful palettes and timeless neutrals in 2024's design playground. So… beige, anyone?

Beige doesn’t have to be boring. It’s here to stay, as Holly Castro, owner of Dubai-based Clickbayt Interior Designs maintains.

Mix up the neutrals! A playful blend of textures, funky art, adds depth and visual interest, keeping things far from boring. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Most people are worried that a completely neutral home and beige colours can look boring or lifeless. However, as Castro maintains, there’s so much you can do with just beige. “Cream, beige, taupe,” she suggests. “The key to acing beige is by incorporating rich, varied textures so that the neutral living style doesn’t fall flat,” she says. There are an astonishing range of colours along the neutral spectrum, so you don’t have to worry about trying to match things.

“Instead, focus on different textures,” she says. “Try experimenting with off-white boucle, which is teddy bear fabric, cream textured linens with threads of beige running through, or jute natural fibre rugs to thick knitted woollen throws. As long as you’re incorporating different textures, then your beige interiors won’t look lifeless. I also love using darker accents in neutral homes to add a new dimension, such as black handles, black lamp bases, or the occasional black accessory,” she explains.

The key to acing beige is by incorporating rich, varied textures so that the neutral living style doesn’t fall flat. Focus on different textures. Try experimenting with off-white boucle, which is teddy bear fabric, cream textured linens with threads of beige running through....

- Holly Castro, owner of Dubai-based Clickbayt Interior Designs

Tilia Carey, a British Dubai-based interior designer also advises you to look at beige as a blank canvas, a perfect backdrop for a texture extravaganza. “You can even layer a sisal rug beneath a fluffy, off-white boucle armchair. This playful mix of textures adds depth and visual interest, keeping things far from boring,” she explains.

Another thing about beige and neutral homes is that you can use so many elements from Nature in design to add depth, she explains. It keeps the costs down too. “Collect some grass stems and dry them out; go hunting for some interesting stones or shells along the beach and use them as accessories; or create textured art by gluing the beautiful desert sand onto a canvas,” she adds.

You can also add some lighting fun to the neutral interiors: How about fairy lights around a mirror? “You can ditch harsh overhead lighting and adopt a more layered approach,” says Carey. “Consider a sleek table lamp with a geometric shade casting a cool glow, and strategically placed sconces, small light fixtures that are mounted to walls, to highlight your favourite artwork.”

The quiet luxury trend

The HBO television show Succession, made the 'quiet luxury' trend popular. Image Credit: HBO official/ Instagram

A look made famous by the television show Succession, this trend focuses on timeless, investment pieces that you can build a room around. You don’t have to be flashy and ostentatious as Carey says. You just move away from minimalism and welcome a rather warm and inviting approach.

“It isn’t just about what you see; it’s also about what you feel. So, for this trend to work well, you need to think quality. Natural materials like wood, stone, and cashmere become the foundation for a sensory experience that whispers elegance,” she says. Think rich, solid wood furniture with classy grain patterns. Opt for hardwoods like walnut, oak, or mahogany that showcase natural variations in colour and texture, she adds.

Stone countertop
A natural stone countertop can add character to your space. Image Credit: Shutterstock

How about some stone? “Natural stone countertops, flooring, or even accent walls add a touch of sophistication. Consider materials like marble, granite, or even slate, each offering textures. It adds character to your space,” explains Carey.

Look for elements that can tell a story. “Hand-woven rugs, furniture with intricate joinery, and even glass lamps, all add a layer of detail and artistry to your space,” says Carey. As she emphasises: it isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about the durability too and what can be passed through generations. “This focus on quality ensures your space retains its elegance and functionality for years to come,” she says.

Let fashion spill into your home

Red wallpaper
Last year saw red taking over the wardrobe. Now, this year, it's taking over interiors too! Image Credit: Shutterstock

Last year's summer saw the ‘red’ trends taking over wardrobes. Now, red is making its way into homes as well. “It comes in a vast spectrum, be it crimson or burgundy,” explains Carey. The bright reds can be used to accent your walls and artwork or statement furniture. On the other hand, cooler reds like cranberry or maroon create a more sophisticated and luxurious feel. These work well for upholstery, rugs, or even painted cabinets, she adds.

If you want cosy, opt for earthy reds like terracotta or brick, which offers a grounding colour to your home. However, she warns that red is particularly a powerful colour, so use it sensibly. A pop of red can go a long way, just with throw pillows, artwork, or a statement lamp for a dose of energy without overwhelming the space. You can make a bold statement with a red sofa, armchair or rug.

Red needs a harmonious environment to shine. So, you can either pair it with neutrals like beige, white or grey, which will create a sophisticated look. On the other hand, you can add green, says Carey, which creates a dynamic contrast with the red.

Brown: The colour of the moment

Coffee home
A home with coffee-coloured tones? Sign us up! Image Credit: Shutterstock

While red can do the trick, you can consider the latte look, a popular fashion trend in dressing and makeup that has made its way into interiors. “Brown is definitely having a moment,” says Anandana Chatterjee, an Abu Dhabi-based interior designer and decorator. “You can play with woody tones. For example, you can use a light wood coffee table with darker wood side tables,” she says. Balance the latte tones with elements like woven baskets, ceramic vases, or even a rough-hewn wooden console table. You can also embrace the Danish hygge vibes by layering light and dark latte tones with soft textiles like throws and fluffy rugs.

As Chatterjee explains, latte is the starting point, not the ending. When you embrace texture, warmth, and layering different design elements, you can create a sophisticated, comfortable, and truly personal space, she says.

The Spathroom interiors

There’s a new rise of the spathroom. What’s that you ask? Nahel Selo, creative director at interiors label Sedar Global, Dubai has some suggestions. As he explains, your bathroom doesn’t have to be so clinical. Give it the upgrade it deserves, to make it a 'spa- bathroom' or a spathroom. With a little help from peach, which also happens to be the Pantone Colour of the Year.

“If you want your bathroom to have a little luxury, small touches like adding soft fluffy towels, to trendy scalloped blinds or a chaise lounge in calming textured mildew resistant fabrics can add warmth and a cocooning luxe feel,” he says. Sticking to one metal finish throughout the space gives a cohesive and elevated design. On the other hand, a beautiful seascape inspired wallpaper can bring composure and uniqueness to what is normally a bland space, adds Selo.

Curvy furniture

Say adios to the straight lines. This year is all about curvy furniture. As Selo explains, this trend returned in 2023 and is still going strong. Giving a chic and inviting finish, curved sofas offer a more intimate seating arrangement than a traditional straight-backed sofa, he says. “Curved design is incredibly visually appealing and adds an element of softness and sophistication to a space,” adds Selo.

Consider rounded armchairs, serpentine sofas, says Carey. It banishes formality entirely and encourages more conversation, along with being functional. It maximises seating space and can make a small space feel bigger. “The flowing lines create a sense of movement and openness, which can be especially helpful in tight corners or rooms with limited square footage,” she says.