At home spa bathroom
Tired of your current bathroom? Here is how to convert it into the ultimate relaxation zone. Image Credit: Pexels

Your bathroom can be turned into a tranquil retreat with just a few touches such as plants, scented soaps, candles, a soothing colour scheme and storage. A bathroom makeover doesn’t need to be a huge renovation, a few simple updates can go a long way.

A spa is the ultimate relaxation zone, but it is also a sensory experience that rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. You can achieve the same concept and experience of luxury spas in your own home.

1. It’s time for bathroom makeover

Revamping your bathroom comes down to two things: tiles and lighting. To make your bathroom the ultimate zen zone, getting vibrant tiles and using unique tile shapes will help.

Nathalie Khouri, an interior designer and Instagram content creator (@thecozyinteriors) recommends opting for a more timeless and classic bathroom design. She said: “For your primary bathroom, we always recommend getting tiles with lighter tones that stand the age of time and don’t go out of fashion quickly. Dare to use tiles in different shapes like honeycomb or mosaic. They are so timeless.”

Your bathroom shouldn’t have to be a dim room. Make it a more inviting and tranquil place by playing with light. “Lighting is key, especially around the vanity. Ensure you have proper mirrors with backlit lighting,” said Khouri. All of this will cost more than the options listed below, so you could look at retiling partially.

honeycomb tiles
Using honeycomb tiles in your bathroom, not only add a modern touch but are also timeless. Image Credit: Pexels

2. Upgrade your shower head

For those who don’t have a grand bathtub, having a new shower head with settings and a sleek design is a must for anyone trying to create an at-home spa.

Khouri also provided another tip, investing in high-quality showers. “We have two types of clienteles, the ones that love baths and the ones that don’t. For the latter, we always ensure we invest in the best rain showers. This creates the ultimate home spa.”

If you do have a bathtub, attaching a caddy is a convenient tool to place your tea, book or tablet and will make your bubble bath more indulgent.

We have two types of clienteles, the ones that love baths and the ones that don’t. For the latter, we always ensure we invest in the best rain showers. This creates the ultimate home spa

- Nathalie Khouri, a UAE based interior designer and Instagram content creator

3. Add a luxurious touch with gilded details

Add a luxurious feel to your bathroom with gold details. Adding a few tasteful brass and golden touches without overdoing it will give your bathroom a luxe and modern feel.

Cynthia Salloum (@whitehavendecor), a home styling and décor content creator based in the UAE suggests that adding a few gold touches can do a complete 180 makeover to your bathroom. She said: “Consider swapping your current handles and faucets for some more gilded options to give that instant luxurious feel. And don’t forget to add a rain shower head.”

4. Wrap your dull bathroom walls and tiles

Incorporating a bold accent will make your bathroom stand out. Adding new tiles and painting your walls can be labour intensive and frankly quite expensive. Using wall paper is not only a better alternative financially, but it also gives your bathroom a professional ‘spa–like’ aesthetic. If you are trying to duplicate a spa in your bathroom, marble wallpaper is the way to go.

“If you’re in a rental, wrapping your bathroom with spa-inspired material like marble herringbone or mermaid tiles would instantly transform the space. There are several wrapping companies in the region,” said Salloum.

If you’re in a rental, wrapping your bathroom with spa-inspired material like marble herringbone or mermaid tiles would instantly transform the space.

- Cynthia Salloum, a home styling and UAE based décor content creator

5. Ditch the old dispensers and create storage

If you want to convert your bathroom to your own at home personal spa, it’s time to upgrade your bathroom soap dispensers for something a little modern and lux. Display eye-catching dispensers and storage items. Shop for a chic rose gold tray to stack your toiletries.

“Update your dispensers and choose a cohesive set that has a luxurious feel to it. You can also add some custom labels on your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles for a unique finishing,” said Salloum.

Salloum advises to “upgrade your towel storage situation; Add a wooden ladder to warm up the space and showcase some fresh and fluffy towels; Investing in high-quality and nice-looking towels will go a long way”.

For Khouri, observing new trends and adapting them to your bathroom will elevate the overall aesthetic and design. “When it comes to accessories, the bathroom trends now are leaning towards matt black accessories and brushed nickel to replace the traditional chrome finishes.”

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, your soap dispensers and storage items will need an upgrade too. Investing soft towels and high quality accessories with give your bathroom the ultimate at home spa. Image Credit: Pexels

6. Self-care products for your at-home spa

To elevate your at-home spa experience, it’s time to invest and splurge on some self-care items. Draw up an aromatic and botanical bath and immerse yourself in it after a stressful day. The key to a great soak is the scent. Look for deeply relaxing oils, calming chamomile or powerful sandalwood can be a great addition to your at-home spa routine. Adding epsom salt to your bath will invigorate your soak, and relieve stress, aches and tension.

An at-home spa ritual is incomplete without a mask. A clay mask can suck out all gunk and impurities from your skin. You can either buy a mask or if you’re a nifty person you can create a DIY mask. Fancy body scrubs at spas can cost a pretty penny but you can easily create one at home that’s equally as good as any high-end spa. A scrub made from ground coffee and granulated sugar will shed your flaky dry skin and leave you with butter-soft skin.

End your routine with a thick luscious body cream for super hydrated soft skin. If you don’t have a bathtub, incorporating body massage oils and shower creams will enhance the ambience.

On a tight budget? Try creating a DIY mask and body scrub Image Credit: Pexels

7. Don’t underestimate the power of candles

Let’s face it lighting a candle to set the mood and indulging yourself in a little aromatherapy is the ultimate pampering experience. Candles and essential oils can even trigger the brain to evoke certain responses of productivity or relaxation. A study done by Chinese psychologists in 2019 found that blended essential oils can significantly change the brain functional activity in human beings. Which may improve human selective attention and stronger functional connectivity during a task.

Lighting a candle may not cure the stress and anxiety that you collected throughout the day, but it might distract you from the chaos of the world outside. Taking a few whiffs of your vanilla or lavender candle will leave you feeling relaxed and at peace.

Having a hard time concentrating? Try lighting up a candle. Candles and essential oils can sometimes evoke certain responses of relaxation and productivity. Image Credit: Pexels

8. Organise your bathroom storage

If you’re toiletries and necessities are scattered around your sink, it's time to get some extra storage and start organising. A tissue cover and baskets or jars for cotton balls and hand towels are essential. Cut the items that you haven’t used in a while and only keep the daily essentials. To prevent your products from occupying space, keep them underneath the sink in a basket or containers. Having everything neatly tucked away will create a relaxing atmosphere.

Bathroom storage
Are your products scattered all over the sink? It's time to get some containers and boxers and start organising. Image Credit: Pexels

9. Add a green touch

Doesn’t matter if they are real or fake, having flowers and indoor plants adds life to your bathroom. It’s an easy and effective way to make your bathroom more comfortable and vibrant. Try filling a vase with flowers or add potted plants, this will make it so much more inviting and soothing for the eyes.

Bathrooms have lower light and high humidity. It’s important to find houseplants that are suitable for this environment. Plants such as aloe vera (which has many medicinal and beauty benefits), bamboo, ferns, and orchids will thrive and flourish in a bathroom. Succulents and air plants are low maintenance and are the perfect touch.

10. Bring in new towels and rugs

You can’t have an at-home spa using the same old rug. It’s time to toss them out and bring in new bath mats and fluffy rugs. An at-home spa should tingle your senses, and a spa is incomplete without some plush soft towels. Roll them up in a basket or stack them neatly on a shelf. If you’re a little extra, consider a towel warmer so you can enjoy spa-like heated towels in the comfort of your own home.

Your bathroom should be your sanctuary, a place where you can escape and tune out with a hot shower or a long relaxing bath. You can either go all out and change your tiles and add in a new shower head or add in a few plants and décor. Whatever it may be, an at-home spa can be achieved at any budget.

(Note: Published in July 2022)