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Cara Jewellers’ manufacturing hub in Dubai Gold & Diamond Park is a bustling centre of craftsmanship as the 300-plus dedicated artisans apply their individual talents to the jewellery-making process. Customers are welcome into the factory to look on as the different teams carry out the processes, chiefly, design, setting, modelling and filing, polishing, and quality control, to carefully craft their bespoke jewellery.

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The Cara collection consists of a vast range of vintage and contemporary jewellery for every occasion, from once-in-a-lifetime celebrations to elegant everyday wear

From learning their trade among family in India, to joining a family business in Dubai, Cara Jewellers’ talented artisans have amassed an average of ten years of service with the company. All of the workshop craftsmen are hired by word-of-mouth, through references, with most originating from Kolkata. Each of them brings years of technical expertise and creative talent to their job, and each has a specific role to play in the creation of Cara’s customised jewellery.

Designer, Pinto, was inspired by his father and brother to join the jewellery business at an early age. Leaving his home in Kolkata to train in Mumbai, Pinto has been creating bespoke high-end designs for Cara’s customers for the past seven years. He reveals, “With the Matrix software, I can create 10-15 designs a day, but for some special projects, we will go back to hand-drawn designs to capture customers’ intricate requirements.”

Also trained in Mumbai, 38-year-old Sukumar has been with Cara Jewellers for 18 years as part of the jewellery setting team. With an impeccable eye for detail, Sukumar polishes and sets gemstone jewellery to reveal their optimal radiance. Sukumar says, “I’ve been working in the industry since the age of 15 and saw the opportunities that Dubai could offer for a better livelihood for me and my family back home.”

With 20 years’ experience in the trade, Santosh works on the third stage of the jewellery-making process, which involves modelling and filing the set pieces to enhance the overall look. He reveals, “I left school at around 14 years old to learn a trade. I pursued an apprenticeship in the jewellery business, and I’ve been in the industry ever since.”

Another veteran of the business, Sanjeeb is responsible for the final stage of the creative process. He says, “We use high-spec machinery to polish the jewellery and deliver the finished article for a final quality check. I learnt the trade in Mumbai and have been with Cara for 13 years.”

Sanjeeb and the scores of other long-serving craftsmen are a testament to the company’s values, which have helped to build a loyal and dedicated workforce and customer base. Established in 2005 by brothers Kiran and Anil Pethani, the Cara brand is based on building trusted relationships that cultivate the sense of an extended family. This company culture is a driver for both sustained and satisfied staff and returning and referral customers.

Proving how they walk the talk of the company ethos, the Directors chartered an aircraft to take employees back home to India when the lockdown was initiated at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, all employees’ jobs were safeguarded, and all needs were provided for to those employees who chose to stay in Dubai.

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Director, Kiran Pethani said, “We have an extremely talented team who have demonstrated their dedication and loyalty to Cara, and as the brand is built upon human connections, it was important for us to give them the opportunity to be with their families at that time. A business can only thrive with a strong, engaged workforce, and building a positive company culture is a fundamental foundation in our ongoing growth.”

Carefully crafted jewellery

Cara Jewellers is a premium, custom-crafted jewellery brand, established in 2005. Founded by Kiran and Anil Pethani, the brand is built on trust, excellent customer service, and meticulous workmanship that balances tradition and innovation to create pieces of pure quality and exquisite style.

The Cara collection consists of a vast range of vintage and contemporary jewellery for every occasion, from once-in-a-lifetime celebrations to elegant everyday wear. Featuring spectacular diamonds and vibrant gemstones, every piece is carefully crafted to highlight the unique beauty of each jewel. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, Cara is renowned for its customisation service, creating bespoke pieces that blend customers’ taste and imagination with the workmanship of talented artisans.

Across its multiple retail outlets in Dubai, Cara has a dedicated team of more than 600 sales staff, designers, and craftsmen, to deliver timeless creations with the highest levels of customer service.