Ria and Vedant
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Ria & Vedant - 05/05/2022

On May 5, 2022, a dreamy wedding took place at the Kempinski Ishtar Hotel by the Dead Sea in Jordan. Ria Sajnani and Vedant Rangnani had been family friends for as long as they could remember, and they had finally realized that they wanted to spend their lives together. After graduating from university and living in different countries for several years, they reconnected in Dubai and started dating. When Vedant proposed, they knew that they wanted their wedding to be unique yet incorporate traditional Indian elements.

Ria and Vedant’s vision for the wedding was specific. “We wanted the actual wedding ceremony to take place outdoors in May but at the same time we wanted the distance from Dubai to the destination to be minimal to accommodate for our grandparents’ comfort,” says Ria. “The Dead Sea had always been on my bucket list and I have always been fascinated by it. We knew that this was where we were supposed to get married.”

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They found the perfect venue in the Kempinski Ishtar Hotel, Jordan. The hotel ticked all the boxes as it allowed them to have each of their events in different venues around the hotel, had enough rooms to accommodate their 450 guests, and the landscape was beautiful.

The wedding festivities kicked off with a stunning sundowner on the first evening, where guests were requested to follow a dress theme reflecting the serene hues of the sky and sea. The dress code added a unique touch of coordinated elegance, while also granting the guests the freedom to express themselves through their sartorial choices. For the decor, Ria says, “We added photos from over the years to show how we’ve grown and changed with one another.” A sand ceremony was also included as part of the event, making it more special and illustrating the merging of two souls into one.

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The following day, they had an outdoor retro-themed mehendi followed by a glamorous sangeet in the ballroom, where the family performed skits and other performances.

The third day was no exception but just a week before the wedding, Ria had an idea. “I called my wedding planner and asked her what if could I enter on a boat,” she says. The wedding planning team was up for the challenge and they quickly arranged for one. As Ria sailed towards the venue, the guests watched in awe, their eyes fixated on the beautiful bride making her grand entrance. It was a moment that none of them would forget anytime soon. The entrance also went viral on social media.

Next came the Ghari Puja and the pheras, where the bride and groom exchanged vows under a mandap that perfectly blended traditional pillars with modern elements. What made the mandap even more special was the reflective oasis perched on the Dead Sea, creating a serene backdrop for the auspicious occasion.

Ria reveals a touching gesture they made to honour their late grandparents. “We set aside chairs on the mandap for where they would have been seated,” she says. “Each chair was etched with the heartfelt words, ‘We know you would be here today if heaven wasn’t so far away.’” This beautiful tribute was a testament to the love and respect they held for their grandparents and added an emotional depth to the ceremony.

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The last event was the reception, which took place outdoors, with the decor theme being “A Night at Petra.” The couple wanted to embrace the incredible location they had chosen for their wedding.

Ria looked gorgeous in a red lehenga with intricate gold embroidery, and Vedant looked dashing in his traditional sherwani. The ceremony was magical, with the sun setting over the Dead Sea, and their loved ones witnessing their union.

After the wedding, Ria and Vedant stayed back at the Kempinski Ishtar Hotel for their honeymoon. They explored the Dead Sea and its surroundings, including visiting Petra– a dream come true for Ria. They spent their days lounging by the pool, trying new foods, and relaxing in each other’s company. They were grateful for the magical wedding, which was a reflection of their love for each other.

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Ria and Vedant’s love is a rare and beautiful thing, a bond that has grown stronger over the years. For Ria – who is a partner at a food and category company, Vedant is not just a life partner, but her best friend – a confidant who has stood by her through every twist and turn of life. “He has watched me grow and evolve into the person I am today,” she says, “He knows me better than I know myself.” And for Vedant, co-founder of a clinical lab, Ria is the embodiment of everything he’s ever wanted in a partner – intelligent, practical, and grounded, yet with an unbridled spirit that lights up his world. “With Ria, I am home,” Vedant says. “She is my rock, my confidant, and my soulmate.”

Ria and Vedant’s wedding was a celebration of their love. They had found each other after years of being best friends, and they knew that they wanted to spend their lives together. “The happiest moment for both of us from our wedding day was the moment we saw each other at the Mandap,” Ria recalls. “The beaming smiles on both of our faces just told us what the other was thinking – that we didn’t want to be apart ever again.”