A still from the South Korean short film The Monologue
A still from the South Korean short film The Monologue Image Credit: Supplied

Love Korean drama and cinema? The Korean Cultural Center in the UAE has just announced ‘Creative Film Nights,’ which will showcase monthly themed film screenings and a series of filmmaking workshops.

The event, which will begin on March 20, is a collaboration with Creative Lab, a training lab for youngsters who are interested in the creative industry. According to the organisers, the initiative aims to promote cultural exchanges between Korea and the UAE.

Creative Film Nights, will see a curated selection of Korean films and short films, Image Nation features, and Arab Film Studio shorts.

In March, Creative Film Nights will be celebrating women and their contributions to arts and contemporary society, to mark International Women’s Day which was celebrated earlier this month.

The event will begin with the award-winning Korean film The Monologue, (자유연기), which will be featured on March 20.

According to a press release sent to Gulf News: “The Monologue (자유연기) is a 2018 South Korean short film directed by Kim Bo-young. The film tells the story of a middle-aged actress named Ji-yeon, who gave up her acting career for marriage and motherhood. After a long hiatus, she receives an unexpected call from a prestigious film director who invites her to audition for a role in his new film.

“The film explores themes such as aging, ambition, and the challenges of balancing career and family life. It also highlights the struggles faced by women in the entertainment industry and the societal expectations placed upon them.

It has been screened at various film festivals, including the 2018 Busan International Film Festival and the 2019 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.”

The Arab Film Studio film selected for March 20 is titled, The Girl with The Accent. It is an Arab Film Studio short documentary directed by Nadia Durry. The film is a story about an Ethiopian woman’s embrace of her identity through the colour of her skin. The Girl with the Accent explores topics of identity and belonging that many people have struggled with in this ever-expanding world. The film has been screened at festivals around the world and is the winner of Best International Short Documentary at the 20th Garden State Film Festival.

The timings of the screenings will be 6 to 7.30pm and the tickets can be purchased on the Korean Cultural Center website.