I feel very thin ties look like a noose and very broad ones give an impression that the wearer stopped evolving sartorially after the Sixties. What is the right width?

Although now considered an accessory, the necktie initially served a purpose. It was invented in the 17th century when King Louis XIII hired Croatian mercenaries who always wore a piece of cloth around their neck to tie the top of their jacket. These were so decorative that King Louis made it necessary to wear one during royal occasions. He called it a Cravate, which is what the French call it even today.

By the 20th century it evolved to becoming an accessory. The first-ever knot to be created was the four-in-hand knot, which remains the most popular and easiest to do even today. We then entered the Sixties, which as you mentioned saw a fascination for the six-inch wide kipper ties. Though not considered sartorial, it did have its own flair at the time.

You are right to notice that there had been a surge in skinny ties ranging from 1.5-2 inches in the last decade. This was brought in line with the androgynous look showcased by various fashion labels. Since 2010, the width of ties widened to keep in line with the look. The favoured look has since been something in between skinny and wide.

The easy way out here is to roughly match the tie to the size of your coat’s lapel, with a difference of half an inch.