Why should anyone wear a double-cuffed shirt? And how should you choose which cufflinks to wear?

The double cuffs were created for a reason. If one goes back in history, it is interesting to note that they originated in England. Also called the turnback, back then they had six cuff holes instead of the four we see today. The purpose was to hide the dirty part of the cuff by folding it in further after extensive wear.

The double cuff, after travelling to America, got the name French cuff due to its sophisticated style that Americans associated with the French.

The reason the double cuff lived on and has gained immense popularity over the years is because of the ability to use cufflinks, which have evolved from being just a status symbol during the early 1930s to a way of expressing your individuality today.

Gentlemen today accessorise their cuffs by wearing cufflinks that relate to their profession, hobby or passion. It has become a way of expressing yourself and your personality without using words, and is also a really good conversation starter.

Being a subtle and minimalistic detail, you can never go wrong or be outlandish in your choice of cufflinks.

One should wear cufflinks that give people a glimpse of your personality. The ability to pair your cufflinks with your attire while keeping the social setting in mind can have a very strong and profound effect in the mind of the observer.

A gentleman would always carefully choose his cufflinks in a manner that will convey the message he wants and play on the mind of the observer so as to ensure he is not easily forgotten. Achieving this state will propel you to reach the epitome of being 
a true gentleman.