My daughter is 22 and has mentioned she wants Botox. Of course, I’d like her to feel confident, but believe this is too young to start. She disagrees. What do you advise?

We would tend to agree with you. It is unlikely that your daughter at the age of 22 requires Botox. However, this is hard to tell without a proper consultation. In our experience, most women would only need to start the treatment in their late twenties or thirties depending on lifestyle, nationality and genetics. In her case, we would advise her to wait. In the meantime, she can take care of her skin by using good-quality moisturisers and sun protection, and if she still wants to do a treatment she can try an extreme facial like the PRP Facial Rejuvenation, better known as the Vampire Treatment, which uses platelets and plasma from her own blood to boost the quality of her skin. It is natural and rejuvenating.