I’m a graphic designer and have an upcoming interview at a Dubai-based advertising agency. On its website the office atmosphere is described as relaxed, casual and creative. I want to make an impression but I’m not sure how formal or casually dressed I should be?

Advertising agencies usually have a very friendly work atmosphere, so there is absolutely no need to look formal or uptight. However, you still need to look dapper and convey the message that you are a creative person. In a situation like this, it’s best to go with a smart casual look.

Opt for a blazer that is in a lighter hue of grey or blue. Make sure that the fabric has a pattern – preferably windowpane checks or houndstooth as they are the choices of the season.

If you are going for a bespoke blazer, instruct your tailor to give you a slim notch lapel no more than 2.75in in width, with one button in the front and three buttons on your sleeves. Make sure you have working buttons on your sleeves so you can leave the first one undone to show your blazer is bespoke. 
Pair it with cotton trousers that match the colour of the blazer’s checks so that your look is subtly different yet a proper match as a pair.

To ensure that the entire look doesn’t seem too casual, balance this combination with a white self-textured shirt. There is no need for a tie so leave your collar open.

Finally, carry a pocket square that’s the same colour as your socks, and get shoelaces that are the same colour as your chinos. This is a subtle way of showing you’re stylish and pay attention to detail, which can be a reflection of how you work.

Top this off with a brown leather watch and dark brown shoes. With this stylish combination, and confidence and some swagger, you’ll surely make a lasting impression at the interview.