Is there an age limit on wearing skin-tight tees? Can elderly men with sagging muscles wear them?

Wearing skin-tight T-shirts may be a matter of style for some people but, we agree, it has to be done in a tasteful manner, matching their persona. It works for some people of age who are still physically fit, such as Sylvester Stallone, who has always associated his muscular identity on screen in movies like Rocky, Rambo, and most recently Creed, with wearing fitted tees. But it’s a definite no for older men who don’t physically look the part. They may idolise muscular peers, but should realise that it’s definitely not a matter of one-size-fits-all, regardless of their build and persona.

The advent of T-shirts occurred in the 19th century and they were worn as undershirts. After a long day of toiling away at work, a person would often remove his shirt in his quarters and remain in his undershirt. 
With mass production scaling up and it being economically cheaper to produce T-shirts in sweatshops, they were showcased as casual and easily adaptable fashion.

However, one must always remember that fashion is just a fad, whereas style is timeless.

It would always be recommended that a person, young or ageing, wears a well-fitted shirt, be it long or short sleeved rather than a stretchy fitted T-shirt, which is made to just accommodate a person’s body.

A bespoke shirt is made after a careful consultation and drafting session with a bespoke tailor who understands the purpose and the image to be projected by the person wearing it.

Some people may mistakenly believe that bespoke shirts are only commissioned for strictly business or office wear and not for leisure wear. But one can always give his bespoke tailor the task of creating fitted shirts for leisure wear locally or on trips to idyllic destinations like Sardinia in Italy. The addition of darts at the back of the bespoke shirts will give it a wonderful accentuated drape and consequently a slim silhouette without it being tight or uncomfortable in any way.

It is always important for a gentleman to be on a journey of self-realisation to know what befits his age and persona and not get drawn into something like a mid-life crisis situation.

As an elderly gentleman, the choice one makes for a fitted T-shirt should be well thought out and a careful one. In this day and age, it may be acceptable to wear such tees at an older age, but an illuminated mind will only do it within reason.