Friends have been telling me to invest in a pair of low-waist trousers with a tight fit around the seat but a shabby fall bunched up at the ankle. I hate them. Is the trend here to stay?

The fact that you mention it as a trend means it is not here to stay. Fashion fades with time and the fad of tight-fit trousers with a shabby fall shall disappear too.

What remains is style. Gentlemen who’re fairly short should go with low-waist trousers as it gives the illusion of being taller. This can be slightly fitted around the seat, but should always have a clean drop with a leg that is not too fitted around the thighs.

While being stylish is important, comfort is paramount. Since your body displaces while you’re sitting down, it is important that your thighs are comfortable. They should gradually taper towards the bottom with an ankle width of 15-16 inches.

The hem of all trousers should sit comfortably over the shoe, creating a natural break. Cuffed bottoms give a classic look and are becoming increasingly popular.

Trousers can be created with classic belt loops, side tabs or brace tops, as prevalent in British tailoring. The belts secure the trousers at the desired position of the waist. The side tabs, while offering the same solution due to the presence of an invisible elasticated fastening strip, is more natural.

Brace tops are the most comfortable. The trousers are suspended from the shoulders, allowing the waistband to be cut more comfortably.

The trouser demonstrates a natural flair for elegance and lasting statements are made with first impressions. Having said that, carefully choose how to do your trousers. Create a personal style for yourself – it won’t fade with time, unlike drop-crotch pants, which most definitely will vanish when a new trend pops up.