Codebreaker Technology was created by founder and chairman Cheri Tree in the early 2000s to beat the proverbial numbers game in sales and close more sales in less time Image Credit: Supplied

ASCIRA Global, a subscription-based company offering online digital products, has added another pathbreaking product to its diverse portfolio. By partnering with US-based Codebreaker Technologies, ASCIRA will now be introducing their B.A.N.K. system in the UAE.

Codebreaker Technologies is the world leader in Personality Coding Technology with clients in more than 100 countries. Codebreaker Technologies' mission is to connect and empower humanity with revolutionary, personality-based tools, training and technology. Codebreaker Technologies is powered by BANK, a scientifically validated methodology designed to predict buying behaviour accurately in nanoseconds.

Initially created in the early 2000s by Founder and Chairman Cheri Tree, Codebreaker Technologies sought to beat the proverbial numbers game in sales and close more sales in less time. The resulting B.A.N.K. system not only revolutionised her own income and sales success, but also rapidly expanded its impact to help top leaders, companies and industries worldwide.

How it works

B.A.N.K. is an acronym for the four different personality types: Blueprint, Action, Nurturing and Knowledge.

It is a reverse-engineered personality profiling system designed to dramatically improve communication, accelerate negotiations, and come to sustainable agreements faster. While it was developed primarily to help sales professionals increase their closing rates, B.A.N.K. has shown to be equally valuable in the field of human resources.

The BANKCODE is all about connecting people to their inherent personalities, says Cheri Tree Image Credit: Supplied

What differentiates Codebreaker Technologies from other AI personality coding systems is that it is more specific and accurate. It is a machine learning technology that analyses anything written by your prospect to immediately accurately identify their BANKCODE. It then coaches you on the best way to communicate, negotiate, and close the sale with that personality.

The B.A.N.K. reports generated after each analysis help to reveal how people make decisions, leverage their strength and communicate effectively. The system has been well tested in the marketplace, is scientifically validated and is a powerful tool in helping you close more business.

Key indicators

Blueprint: People in this personality group find value in organisation and following the rules. Their moral beliefs are set in stone, and they prefer to stay around those who share those ethics. They work well with systems that are clear cut, predictable, and have set and defined rules. They learn best through repetition and memorisation.

Action: They are typically entrepreneurial in spirit and do not have a problem taking risks. They value living life on their own terms and learn best through hands-on learning. They are optimistic, go getters, and excel at competition, sales, and bringing teams together.

Nurturing: They are very social and enjoy making genuine connections with others. They strive to become the best they can be and find enjoyment in helping bring others to their full potential. They are very passionate, and love contributing to their communities.

Belynda Lee, COO of ASCIRA, believes BANK will build culture within ASCIRA Image Credit: Supplied

Knowledge: These people strive to have power over their environment and themselves and are always striving to learn more. They are always attempting to put together the big picture, and when they put in work it is almost always with the long-term goal in mind. They are problem solvers by nature and excel at using charts and models to explain hard to grasp ideas.

A dynamic partnership

John Sachtouras, CEO of ASCIRA, says, "Our partnership with Codebreaker Tech will provide an exemplary method for all customers and business members of ASCIRA to improve their personal and profesional relationships."

The partnership will help business members of ASCIRA to improve their personal and profesional relationships, says John Sachtouras, CEO of ASCIRA Image Credit: Supplied

Belynda Lee, COO of ASCIRA, adds, "We are looking forward to an exciting partnership with Codebreaker Technologies. They designed six key intelligences – Personality, Sales, Emotional, Artificial, Business and Spiritual Intelligences. I believe BANK will build culture within ASCIRA."

Cheri Tree says, "The BANKCODE is all about connecting people to their inherent personalities and helping them with their businesses and personal lives. It helps to build confidence, self-esteem, charisma and EQ. This partnership is completely in line with ASCIRA’s vision to connect with over a billion people and empower their dreams."

For details, visit www.asciraglobal.com.

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