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I love dal. Mostly because it’s so versatile. You can make it watery or creamy, you can use it to make starters, a main course or desserts. Or make it savoury, sour or spicy… you get my drift. And that’s not even scratching the surface about the goodness of lentil, besides it’s many other health benefits.

Anyway, my point is that I love how lentil has been adapted by so many varied cultures. During Ramadan, it’s mostly seen in soup form, which I rarely ever pass up.

At Ballaro at Conrad Dubai, you get more lentil love. Besides the starter, the Indian iteration is also available. And I gravitated towards it like it was my fountain of youth. Which surprised my guests because there was so much on offer. The Italian-themed restaurant, which traditionally serves an international buffet for lunch and an Italian buffet for dinner, has all the trappings of a five-star iftar opening you’d come to expect in Dubai. From cold and hot mezzes (don’t miss the baked sambousek) to classics including daod basha (meatballs with pine nuts) and fish tagine, they are all there.

But the little surprises, like the dal curry, are what makes this iftar. The spread is not massive and not much seems to have been changed in the restaurant’s decor for Ramadan; but the food is good, the service attentive and the price is just right for a nice, hearty, satisfying iftar.


The details

Where: Ballaro Restaurant, Conrad Dubai

Price: Dh150 per person

Timings: Sunset until 9pm.

Call: 04-4447111