Glittering delights. The Gold Delafee Swiss chocolate truffles which come wrapped in 24 karat gold foil Image Credit: Atiq-ur-Rehman/XPRESS

Dubai: An upmarket chocolate store - Boutique le Chocolat at Citywalk in Dubai - is selling what it claims are the most expensive chocolates in the region.

A Swiss chocolate truffle wrapped in 24-karat gold foil, the uber luxury ‘Gold Delafee’ can be bought for Dh15,000 a kg.

Sold in a silk-wrapped wooden box, the luscious confectionery is made from the famed Grand Cru cocoa beans and pure 24 karat edible gold.

“It is a three-layered chocolate ganache. First you bite into a hard shell to reach a soft gooey chocolate inside. The shell is coated with gold foil and the sweetness is just about right,” said Michael Currie, the store’s general manager.

Niche product

He said, “It is a niche product, but there are regulars who buy it for special occasions like a wedding, baby shower or Eid. One curious customer did not mind spending Dh150 for one piece of chocolate – just to get a taste of it.”

According to a report, Gold DeLafee is among the three most expensive chocolates in the world.

Currie said Boutique le Chocolat stocks 750 types of chocolates covering 25 brands, including the likes of Salon du Chocolat and Cacao Barry.

The store features a number of artisan chocolate producers from France, Belgium, the UK, US, Japan and Denmark. It has been designed to represent three types of chocolate - classic, bespoke and fashion.

“Classic chocolates are all about unique brands - not necessarily established, but classic in their own right. Brands like Du Rhone, ZChocolat or Aoki make up our bespoke collection. Our fashion section has products like Henri Le Roux.”

The 15,000 square foot store with its vast collection of chocolates is a treat to the eye.

Beautiful sculptures like the gingerbread man and a mannequin of a lady sprayed with chocolate (not edible) vie for attention.

So do a set of edible chocolate lipsticks from Sebastien Bouillet (Dh75 each), which come in six flavours – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with caramel, white chocolate with vanilla, white chocolate with pepper and white chocolate with Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit.


Then there’s the ‘Stiletto’ (Dh350), a white chocolate shaped as high-heeled footwear. It is handcrafted by in-house chocolate makers.

“Our team at the store produces theme-based chocolates. We’ve done something special for Christmas and New Year. We will be doing something new for the upcoming Valentine’s Day too,” said Currie.

As a walk-in customer, one can also taste and learn the art of chocolate making -- at a price.

Visitors can pick from nine types of chocolates and customise their own chocolate bar. They can also choose their gift wrapper from 10 different styles.

“Many corporates are taking up our offer to provide incentives to their staff. The price for this experience ranges from Dh65 to Dh350.”