Marked in pink livery, the Dubai Metro allows women travellers to commute safely by accessing the 'Women and Children Only' compartments. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: UAE is known for its luxury lifestyle, food options and grand architecture. But one of the best features of the country is that it is one of the safest in the world.

Did you know?
Numbeo Quality of Life lists the city of Dubai as ‘very high’ in terms of Safety Index, with a value of 83.56, making it one of the safest cities in the world.

On that note, if you are in town for Expo 2020 and are looking for an easy, women-only option to get around, the emirate of Dubai has you covered. Here are some of the best women-only travel options that you can use to get to the Expo 2020 venue:

Dubai Metro

A special compartment dedicated to women and children is available if you are commuting via the Dubai Metro. It is maintained neatly with two points of entry and exit. The women’s compartment is located at the tail end of the train.

Cost: Usual Nol card fares, that is Dh4 to Dh6 (one-way; depending on zone)

Fines: Men would incur a fine of Dh100 if they enter the compartment.

RTA Buses

With a large fleet of 1,518 buses, the RTA operates buses in and around the city at regular intervals of time to ensure a hassle-free experience for all. When it comes to women's safety, all RTA buses come with a designated area for them, which comprises of three rows of seats (12 seats) in front.

Women can access reserved seats by boarding the bus from the side entrance, opposite the driver's booth. Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/Gulf News Archives

Cost: Usual Nol card fares, that is Dh4 to Dh6 (one-way; depending on zone)

Fines: Men would incur a fine of Dh100 if they enter the compartment. If anyone uses designated areas meant for specific categories they don't fit into they would also be liable to a Dh100 penalty.

RTA Hala Taxi

Looking for a cab driven by women, for women? Spot a taxi with a pink hood. It can be used by women, children and family.

The pink hooded taxi can be availed by booking through the DTC App. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Here's how you can book a pink taxi on the DTC App:

  1. Register using you mobile number/email address.
  2. Choose a taxi service by scrolling to the right.
  3. Select Pink Taxi.
  4. Enter your pick-up location.
  5. Select your drop-off destination.
  6. Confirm your journey, and pay for the service at the end of your trip.

The pink taxi is also available at the Dubai International Airport, in case you are flying in directly for Expo 2020.

Cost: If you are availing a pink taxi from the DTC App, fares start at Dh103 from the Dubai International Airport (DXB).

Dubai Tram

The Dubai Tram serves as link for the Dubai Metro and the Palm Monorail. Similar to the Metro, the Tram is also designed with a regular compartment, a gold compartment, and an exclusive compartment for women and children.

191111 dubai tram 2
The Dubai Tram has cabins designated for women and children commuters. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Cost: The Tram has a fixed fare of Dh3 (one-way, for silver Nol card), regardless of the distance travelled by the commuter.

-The writer is an intern with Gulf News.