From L to R : Frank Marreau, Managing Director, Expomobilia and Niels Bouwman, Director – The Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai’
From L to R : Frank Marreau, Managing Director, Expomobilia and Niels Bouwman, Director – The Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2020 has been named the Best Sustainable Construction Project of the Year at The Big 5 Construction Impact Awards for its temporary circular climate system. Celebrated for its sustainable building approach, the pavilion's construction materials were locally rented and are reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable. The construction award ceremony took place on September 12 at the World Trade Center in Dubai.

The sustainability project referred to as a ‘biotape in the desert’, was established with a holistic approach in terms of architecture, design, materialization and construction. The creative collaboration of the main contractor Expomobilia, V8 Architects, engineering firm Witteveen+Bos and experience designers Kossmanndejong collectively brought the 3,493m2 closed circulation system of the Netherlands Pavilion to life.

Carel Richter, Commissioner General for the Netherlands Pavilion and Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Dubai, said: “Every recognition is an achievement. I’m very proud that the Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai won this prestigious sustainable construction project award. From October 1 onwards, we will show Expo 2020 visitors that sustainability solutions are our core business and through creative, strategic partnerships the Netherlands is [a] coherent partner that contributes to ensuring water, energy and food security.”

The Netherlands Pavilion’s central design was created with the core focus on sustainability in mind. An 18-metre-high cone-like structure named The Food Cone is covered with a variety of edible plants whilst oyster mushrooms surround the inside of the cone. SunGlacier Technologies developed the solar-powered rain shower, a Dutch innovation that allows us to harvest hundreds of liters water at our pavilion every day. The solar panels, devised by solar designer Marjan van Aubel, together with regular solar roof panels, provide the ‘SunGlacier’ innovation with electricity.

Dietmar Kautschitz, Project and Construction Manager at Expomobilia, comments: “Our extensive experience, ability to be open-minded to unconventional ideas, and a strong sense of synergy with various parties and principles, were integral to our success. The level of dedication and teamwork displayed across our large, multinational team was the reason behind the successful execution of the pavilion."