The Opportunity Pavilion will form a key part of the immersive visitor experience, Expo 2020 officials say. Image Credit: Expo 2020

Dubai: New details surrounding the final major pavilion at Expo 2020 have been released by the organisers of the event, revealing a theme of “rope and light.” The Opportunity Pavilion is based on the core tenets of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and to be built out of natural and organic materials such as timber, rope and stone.

All of the materials are recyclable and no concrete will be used in the pavilion’s construction, organisers say. “Opportunity is one of the three key themes of Expo 2020, including mobility and sustainability,” Maha Al Gergawi, director of international participants at Expo 2020 Dubai, said.

These themes all correspond to a pavilion, with the sustainability and mobility pavilions announced already. “We wanted to bring people together, (of) all ages and all backgrounds,” Al Gergawi said. “[We want to] popularise the sustainable development goals …[and] to end poverty everywhere.

“It’s an ideal platform where partnerships can be created.”

Organisers say visitors will be taken on engaging and interactive journeys that will feature decision-making and gaming components, while immersed in the theme of rope and light. The 4,500 square metre pavilion — designed by Australia-based Cox Architecture and curated by UK company Event Communications — will also feature a spiral-shaped canopy made from 111 kilometres of woven rope.

Al Gergawi said that construction was on track, and a contractor to build the pavilion would be selected soon. “Construction and completion dates are always on track, on time, and on budget,” she said, adding, “We’re committed to leaving a sustainable legacy by using recyclable, organic materials.”

Once in the pavilion, visitors will be encouraged to explore how individual choices and actions can make a positive, collective contribution to global causes.

“[We want to] bring the millions of visitors to Expo site together in an educational manner,” the director said, adding that the aim would be to show them “how their actions can make the world a better place.”

About 2,500 tonnes of stone will be used in the construction of the pavilion, while its surrounding area will feature food and beverage, retail, seating, entertainment and grassed areas. Al Gergawi said that retail partners would be announced in the coming months.