Hasan flips through his replacement Expo 2020 Dubai passport presented by Expo staff member Fabio (left) Image Credit: Twitter/@expo2020dubai

Dubai: In a heart-warming gesture, the office of Expo 2020 Dubai has issued a replacement of the Expo passport lost by a young boy.

In a tweet on Saturday evening, the Expo office named the boy who lost his precious Expo souvenir as Hasan.

Priced Dh20, the Expo passport is one of the most popular souvenirs to collect from “the world’s greatest show”. It enables visitors to each pavilion to get a stamp to literally mark their presence at the Expo.

According to the tweet, Hasan’s Expo passport had 70 stamps, meaning he had visited 70 pavilions and got their stamps.

All smiles again

The tweet indicated that the Expo office not only presented Hasan with a replacement passport, but also made sure it was filled up with 70 stamps by one of its employees to compensate for Hasan’s efforts.

The replacement passport was presented to Hasan by Expo staff member Fabio who filled it up for Hasan.

Images of Fabio handing over the souvenir to Hasan, who was all smiles, were also posted.