The second edition of the World of Women’s Film Fair Middle East will take place at Dubai’s Vox Cinemas on March 7 and 8, just in time for International Women’s Day.

The free event will showcase films created by a diverse group of independent, women filmmakers around the world.

The film fair is curated by Straight Street Media, a UAE-based global media company established by Australian author and anchor Hermoine Macura, alongside VOX Cinemas.

In a press release, Macura said that this year’s fair will feature films from Australia, Syria and the UAE.

“I hope it creates further communication and dialogue, while also offering a unique platform for the community to get together and discuss hot topics that effect our society,” she said.

The first day of the fair, March 7, will feature three sessions. The first, Health in Focus, will take place at 3pm at Mall of the Emirates and focus on Alzheimer’s, autism and breast cancer in women, including a Q&A with a leading breast surgeon. The second and third sessions, Gender Issues, and Cultural Diversity, will take place at Mercato Mall at 6pm and 8pm.

To get involved, the public can nominate women who they believe deserve to be recognised “for their excellence in various fields” online at the event’s website. On March 8, five leading women will be picked by the WOW Women’s Awards, which will take place at 8pm at Mercato Mall.

*WOW Film Fair Middle East is a free event, but requires registration through