Out now! Music video for ‘Rainy Days’ by BTS’ V
Out now! Music video for ‘Rainy Days’ by BTS’ V. Image Credit: Screenshot from the music video.

K-pop idol, Kim Taehyung, or ‘V’ of BTS, released the music video for his solo song ‘Rainy Days’ today. In just eight hours, the video crossed 1.5 million views on YouTube.

‘Rainy Days’ is the second pre-release track from his V’s debut solo album, 'Layover', set for a release on September 8. Earlier this week he released the first track ‘Love Me Again’.

Unlike ‘Love Me Again’, which saw V turn into a retro heartbroken lover, the new song shows V idly spending a rainy day at home thinking of his love.

Compared to the sparkly outfits and dramatic retro fashion in the first music video, the new music video is mellow, with V lounging at home in a simple t-shirt and joggers.

The video shows him cooking and enjoying a meal with his pet dog, Yeontan.

Fans were ecstatic that the music video features their favourite pet dog. However, in a live video, on Friday, he confirmed that the dog in the video was not his.

"Actually, I can say it now but 'Love Me Again' is really good! The song is really charming... I couldn't take Tannie (Yeontan) to Spain, so I had a friend who looked really similar to Tannie. It looks like Tannie right? But it's not..."

Known to be an animal lover, Taehyung adopted Yeontan in 2017, despite knowing that raising him would be challenging due to the dog’s poor health.

Living with BTS members, Yeontan became a celebrity pet with a huge fan following of his own. Last year, hashtag #Yeontan surpassed 500 million views on TikTok, making him the first celebrity pet to do so. Many #Tannie fans were heartbroken that this was not Yeontan's debut as they had expected.

The black-and-white Pomeranian features on the album cover of ‘Layover’.

Both pre-release singles ‘Love Me Again’ and 'Rainy Days' are on music streaming platforms worldwide.

On August 8, Bighit announced that V's solo album, 'Layover', which will be released on September 8, will include six tracks – ‘Rainy Days’, ‘Blue’, ‘Love Me Again’, ‘Slow Dancing’, ‘For Us’, and an untitled bonus track, reportedly.

Fans are excited for the release of the complete album.

“Both the videos are so different but so good! V is creating magic!” commented a fan @VforVictory28.

And, Army @doolsetvmin tweeted: “I can’t actually wait to listen to his full album, because after listening to Rainy Days I wondered what was the real story he’s trying to tell…”

This week, V also unveiled the schedule for the release of the songs from the album.

Last week, Big Hit Music revealed that V is collaborating with NewJeans’ creative director Min Hee-jin for the solo project.

The announcement comes amid BTS’ hiatus as some of its members have started their mandatory military enlistment in South Korea.

On Monday, Big Hit issued a statement informing fans that BTS’ Suga was getting ready for military enlistment.