Blackpink music video for ‘The Girls’ is out now.
Blackpink music video for ‘The Girls’ is out now. Image Credit: Blackpink

After a long wait, K-pop band Blackpink has finally released its new single ‘The Girls’, along with its music video for their mobile app ‘The Game’.

The music video is available for players to watch on the mobile app.

The video shows animated avatars of Blackpink members Rosé, Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie repeating the phrase, ‘Don’t mess with the girls’.

The avatars also perform Blackpink’s real-life trademark group choreography.

For now, the video and song can only be accessed in the game. However, a poster shared by BLACKPINK’s official Twitter reveals that the digital single will arrive on August 25.

According to an article on, the song was originally teased back in May, along with the launch of the gaming app.

The app’s team, however, announced in July that work still wasn’t finished on the animated visual, apologising to fans on Twitter for the “endless and frustrating” wait.

“Our deep desire to present the highest quality of content flawlessly took longer than expected, and therefore, our initial plan to release the music video simultaneously with the game release was delayed significantly,” read their statement.

On Wednesday, the four bandmates celebrated the long-awaited release of the music video with a viewing party hosted by actor Lee Yi-kyung on their official YouTube channel.

Before playing several games as a group, they watched their new music video for the first time together and marveled over how adorable their cartoon replicas looked.

Blackpink is currently on its world tour, Born Pink, which kicked off with performances in Seoul in October 2022, the girl group visited 23 countries worldwide.

The band is set to perform its encore tours in Los Angeles on Saturday, followed by a grand finale in Seoul on September 16 and 17.