It has all the trappings of an emotional family movie, but Malayalam film Pachamarathanalil also proves to be an exciting thriller.

After making sevaral hit Malayalam films such as Poochakkoru Mookkuthi and Thenum Vayambum, producer Suresh Kumar, has come up with yet another super hit movie called Pachamarathanalil.

After receiving a very good opening in Kerala, the film is running full-house in almost all cinema halls in the South Indian state. Initially, the film takes off smoothly, giving viewers absolutely no clue that it would eventually turn out to be an excellent thriller.

The story revolves around a seven-year-old played by Ahina, who is spotted by an ad filmmaker during a school programme. After some persuasion, the girl secures permission from her parents to go for an ad-shoot. From there on begins the suspense and it reaches its crescendo by mid-way.

Sreenivasan plays a renowned cartoonist and the girl's father, while Padmapriya plays the role of his wife.
Debutant director Leo Thaddeus does a marvelous job here, more so because he has also scripted the story for the film.

The film is shot in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, with cameraman Manoj Pillai doing a fine job, not only to maintain the suspense, but also in presenting the beauty of the rural set-up in the Pollachi villages.

Naseer, as the inspector, got into the character with ease, while veteran Lalu Alex, handles his role as the friend of the girl's father with acclaim.

Sreenivasan, fresh from his successful movies such as Arabikatha and Kadha Parayumbol, manages to carry the entire movie on his shoulders. His handling of both the humorous as well as the emotional scenes are a class apart.

Alphons Joseph's score and soundtrack is heartwarming with most songs having already become super hits.
All in all, Pachamarathanalil is a film with no obscenity and a thriller that can be enjoyed with the family. The film is expected to hit theatres in the UAE soon.