Pawan Kalyan in Vakeel Saab
Pawan Kalyan in Vakeel Saab Image Credit: Supplied

While Bollywood releases are stuck in limbo on account of the rise in COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra and cinemas pulling down the shutters in the Indian state, South Indian films are storming the box office with a bumper weekend that saw two major releases.

Power star (called by fans) Pawan Kalyan marked his return to celluloid with ‘Vakeel Saab’, out now in UAE cinemas, along with Dhanush who brought the action with the Tamil film ‘Karnan’.

Both films have received a bumper opening, with Telugu film ‘Vakeel Saab’ opening at number 7 position in Australia and New Zealand. The film has collected around Rs420 million in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This is despite the rise in coronavirus cases in the country and the movie being leaked online. The UAE ranking wasn’t available at time of writing.

Karnan Image Credit: IMDB

Earlier, UAE distributor Ahmad Golchin of Phars Films told Gulf News they had a lot of expectations from the film, which is a remake of the Bollywood film ‘Pink’.

“Pawan Kalyan is called a ‘power star’ for all the right reasons. He has this incredible star power, charisma and has a nose for some great scripts. I have seen this film and I promise that this is film that will leave a lasting impression on you. I am confident that this film will lure every one back into the cinemas,” said Golchin in an interview with Gulf News.

Meanwhile, ‘Karnan’ is being touted as a career best for Dhanush, with the film earning Rs100m in one day alone, according to box office reports.