R’Bonney Nola
Image Credit: insta/rbonneynola

R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss Universe 2022, has announced that she will be visiting the Philippines soon for an important event.

During an episode of Houston Life, a lifestyle show that aired on March 18, R’Bonney made the announcement while reminiscing about her childhood trips to the country with her father.

R’Bonney, who has fans on both sides of the Pacific, expressed her excitement about the upcoming visit and shared that she grew up vacationing in the Philippines. She said, "I cannot believe it, it warms my heart. To actually be somewhat of an inspiration to the people in the Philippines now is amazing."

In an interview with US media, R’Bonney revealed that the visit will take place in May, and she is thrilled to meet her Filipino fans at the event. However, before that, R’Bonney celebrated her birthday on March 20 with her loved ones in Houston, Texas. She shared that she was looking forward to enjoying her favorite Filipino dishes like "ensaymada" and "sinigang."

R’Bonney made history in January 2022 by becoming the first Filipino-American to win the Miss Universe crown. She was born in Texas to a Filipino father and an American mother and was also the first Filipino-American to win the Miss USA title. During the Miss Universe competition, she represented the USA but expressed her pride in her Filipino heritage and thanked her Pinoy fans for their support.

Aside from her pageant accomplishments, R’Bonney is also a fashion designer, model, sewing instructor, and CEO of her own sustainable clothing line. Her win at the Miss USA pageant was initially met with controversy, with some contestants alleging that the contest was rigged in her favor. However, R’Bonney has remained focused on her goals and has continued to inspire people with her hard work and determination.