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Reality TV show winner Maymay Entrata opens Arab Fashion Week on November 21, walking the ramp for Dubai-based designer Furne One’s anniversary collection, and will be the first Filipino celebrity to walk the runway at the bi-annual event.

“It’s my first time in Dubai and I feel blessed that I’m the very first Filipino celebrity that will walk in the Arab Fashion Week,” Entrata said, during an exclusive interview with Gulf News tabloid! ahead of the event. “I feel very thankful that in a way I’ll be able to represent our country. It’s a humbling experience representing our country.”

The bubbly Entrata, who won the hearts of Filipinos during Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7 in 2017 where she emerged as the winner, started her collaboration with One at the designer’s 25th anniversary celebration in Manila earlier this year.

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Maymay Entrata Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

“The collection that she’s wearing for the Arab Fashion Week is part of my 25th anniversary collection,” revealed One. “The title of the collection is Thy Will Be Done. There’s a lot of details. There’s a lot of drama, very theatrical. The collection is more of a celebration of my 25th year in the fashion industry.”

For One, Entrata’s authentic personality made her a perfect choice to walk the runway with his collection.

“Her being real and being different is what I like about her. Before [models were] stereotyped as tall, blue-eyed, blonde. But now, it’s more on diversity, it’s more on being different, it’s about the character,” said One, who has designed for some of the biggest celebrities in the world with his label Amato.

Entrata will also be performing at Dubai’s Global Village on February 23 with her ‘love team’ partner Edward Barber at a show called Live with MayWard.

Here are excerpts from our interview with the 21-year-old during a dress rehearsal at One’s atelier in Dubai.

On her preparations for the Arab Fashion Week

When I knew that I’ll walk at Arab Fashion Week, I immediately did YouTube research. I searched videos on Arab Fashion Week. There are different walks in the runway. So I studied and observed what the models usually wear. When I looked at some of the dresses, it was like you’re a princess or feel like a queen. So after watching some video clips, I started practicing how to walk in a fashion show like the Arab Fashion Week. So basically those are just my preparations.

What she loves with One’s creations

What I like the most about Furne’s creations is that when you wear them, you feel like a princess. You even feel like a queen. It’s very elegant. I really love Furne’s gowns and it’s very unique.

Maymay Entrata
Maymay Entrata with designer Furne One at Amato Couture in Dubai Design District. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

About her dreams in modelling

When I was in college, I joined a modelling competition in our school, and that was the time I appreciated myself — people were telling me that my body is fit for a model. I’ve tried hard to do my best in modelling. But there are also times when I doubted myself. I won three times as the The Next Top Model, but I never felt that I won. But when I started to gain confidence then people started to like my walk.

That was the time when I told myself there is something about me that I can show to other people. And because of this opportunity, I want to improve my craft, grab it and own it and treasure all my blessings. And now that I am an artist, a celebrity, then maybe I can further show my modelling side. I am so thankful to my fans and others who supported me. If not for them, I will not be here in Dubai and represent the Philippines as the first Filipino celebrity to walk at the Arab Fashion Week.

Her fashion staple

For me, I love a simple but elegant dress. I’m not the type of person who wants to wear super-sexy gowns that show some skin or cleavage. I always choose simple but elegant ones. In a typical or casual day, my personal style is just really simple. I’m a bit boyish when it comes to my personal style. I’m also fond of oversized clothes. I’m more into pants, jogging pants. I’m also a sneaker person during ordinary or casual days.

On staying positive

Appreciate yourself and appreciate things. The more that you will appreciate things and people, the more that they will appreciate you, because beauty will radiate if you are happy and you feel blessed and always feel thankful. Avoid doubts in your life and choose to be happy and enjoy.

Arab Fashion Week, which kicks off on November 21 at the Dubai Design District (D3), will run until November 28 at two venues — City Walk and Dubai Design District.

Mayward in Dubai

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Apart from Arab Fashion Week, Entrata will also have a show on Friday (November 23) at Global Village dubbed TAG: Live with MayWard, where she will be performing with Edward Barber.

“I don’t want you to expect a big concert performance from us. This concert is more on [connecting with the fans]. I want the people to see who I really am... the Maymay that you knew during the PBB [Pinoy Big Brother]. I want to have more interactions with the fans. I want to feel your presence during the show,” Entrata said.

Entrata and Barber, who are both Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7 alumni, have become a celebrity pair known as MayWard after the reality show ended last year. Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7 was the 13th and longest season of the Philippine version of Big Brother. Entrata emerged as the winner for that season.

Currently, MayWard is among the popular ‘love teams’ in the Philippines. Their pairing have landed them endorsements, commercials and different shows and movies. Entrata even had her own dream tour concert in the Philippines.

The details

TAG: Live with MayWard takes place on November 23 at the Global Village concert grounds. The show starts at 7pm and entry to Global Village of Dh15 applies.