Male actors
Gerald Anderson, Nash Aguas, Elmo Magalona, Yves Flores, and Jerome Ponce have decided to join the Philippine Army as reservists. More young Filipino male actors are volunteering for the armed forces by enlisting as reservists. Image Credit: Facebook / AFP

Manila: More young Filipino celebrities are signing up with the Philippine Army to inspire the youth to volunteer for the armed services.

The move came after actor-athlete Matteo Guidicelli completed a month-long start-up course with the Army’s Scout Rangers in June. Now, a few more actors followed close on his heels.

Guidicelli, in an Instagram post screamed: “Take and Take, boys!"

That was after main cast of ABS-CBN network's brand new series accomplished a 3-day Soldiers Skills Orientation Training and also volunteered to join the Philippine Army Reserve.

"Good luck and God bless your new series! I personally witnessed how hard you guys pushed and had the determination to accomplish each activity. Always remember - all this for God and country!"

On August 7, President Rodrigo Duterte approved Matteo Guidicelli's commissionship, granting him the rank of second lieutenant. On August 20, Guidicelli took his oath as a new second lieutenant at the Philippine Army headquarters in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

“The Army, in the beginning, is a very closed-door organization not wanting to let the outside to know much about them. But I'm very honored and thankful that they allowed me in to at least spread the message on how these men and women sacrifice for the country and I will continue to do so,” Matteo was quoted as saying.

“Being with the soldiers in Mindanao, Jolo, Sulu, you see their eyes and sacrifice and fear in order to fight for our country every single day,” he added.

The actor promised to give his best in representing the army as well as the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“I will do my best to give my part as a Filipino citizen and now, part of the Army reserve, to represent the Army and AFP the best way possible and to tell and show the people how important the Army is in each and every individual to give discipline, honour, and patriotism and to look at our flag with love and to say 'I'm Filipino and I'm proud of that',” he said.

Guiducelli thanked the fresh volunteers from among the ranks of actors to join the reserve forces of the AFP. They recently underwent training in preparation for their roles as soldiers for upcoming TV series, A Soldier’s Heart.

Matteo joined the Philippine Army as reservist last April. Last June, he completed his month-long training, obtaining the highest grade of 95.20 percent from the course, making him the most outstanding student among 76 students in the class.